About Wyld Womyn

Our vision was to create a program that supported and held a natural space for each and every womyn, to educate and empower them to connect with their innermost depths and access their sacred feminine power by connecting with our Mother Earth. You carry Mother Earth within you! Wyld Womyn was born.

Our aim is to inspire womyn everywhere to step into their most luminous, powerful and wise versions of themselves, embracing their female bodies and their femininity to create total wellness within.

A truly inspiring womyn lives in natural synchronisation and alignment with herself. She’s connected with her body, emotionally nourished, and intuitively tapped in. She’s magnetic and radiant because she is connected, on every level, to her soul. We want this for YOU!


When we are at peace with ourselves, we naturally live an inspiring life, filled with purpose, gratitude and success, but also depth, connection and a sense of pleasurable adventure. We attract what we radiate, positive energy, drawing to us what we most want to manifest. Anything becomes possible!

Nature provides us with the ability to heal ourselves. Hiking enhances our state of mind, it’s grounding, it’s emotionally restorative. Nature helps calm, soothe and return us to a natural state of relaxation, which in turn has positive physical effects. Peace and inner balance are restored!

Meet Chelle

After personally experiencing over two decades of a variety of mental health issues, I was able to find my way back to better health and a positive mindset through many different avenues, but the major influence in overcoming some of the most crippling disorders was time spent in nature.

That popular saying of “and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” has been so pertinent throughout my entire life. As I look back over all my challenges, I have realised that each accomplishment came about from disconnecting from the craziness of life and reconnecting with my authentic self. Yet for so long I lacked the knowledge, tools and maturity to see it for what it was, instead just moving through the motions day after day, year after year, and boy do the years move by fast!

By the age of 13 I needed an escape. The bad times had outweighed the good. The slightly different, outdoorsy, adventurous girl I was had started to fade. The trauma had taken control. I had been sexually abused at the age of 6, a victim of over 7 years of child abuse and domestic violence both mentally and physically within the home, on top of being a prime target of school bullying for being “different”, all of which had pushed me to breaking point and ultimately led to a 23 year battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Many other struggles included depression, anxiety from workplace bullying, stress and lack of self-worth, as well as being suicidal. I used to say they were wasted years, but I have come to realise that those years were actually so valuable in becoming the person I am today, for I now not only have the tools but the personal experience to help me help others.

As I write this, I have just celebrated my third year of sobriety, and the desire to help others, women especially, grows daily. In fact, I knew when I became drug free more than eight years ago that my addiction and personal rehabilitation experiences would help others. I just didn’t know how, and whilst the journey continues to be a work in progress, the vision and mission remains quite clear. That slightly different, outdoorsy adventurous spirit is now shining bright, my inner child has been allowed to shine, my mask has been removed. I’ve worked hard, especially over the last six years, and can say I am proud of who I am. Qualified and experienced as a tour guide, business owner and wellness coach, I stand before you raw and vulnerable as a Wyld Womyn ready to share with you all my inner truths, my lessons, my experiences and my knowledge, in hope that I can help you release your inner child and let your spirit shine brightly

If you would like to read more about Chelle's story and how she is speaking out you can follow her Facebook Page here.

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Meet Kay

As a mum to a special needs child and three other girls, a business woman and Skin Body Mind coach, I pride myself on sharing my life of experiences and triumphs. Having been a woman who in my younger days was the target of school bullying, to then being a woman seeking love in the wrong places, and having been emotionally and physically abused for well over 12 years - having been through all that, it wasn’t until my first born child became paralysed at the age of 10 years that I spiralled into my darkest days of depression and high anxiety.

After many days of living in fear of the unknown, eating my way through my emotions and numbing myself with alcohol, these last six years I have been able to re-centre myself, regain my own true self and show others the way. It is here that I found my true calling in coaching others through 7 Principles to Wellness, incorporating the three main aspects to the whole body in my Skin Body Mind approach.

Having a child with special needs has given me the ability to see people for who they are without the outside influences or pressures of society to be classed as a “normal” human being, but more to embrace the unique “self being”. In my coaching techniques, I offer one on one consultations or run workshops for small groups, so the teachings can be designed for each individual to take away new tools to help them on their way to make better choices every single day.

Since being on my own journey of personal growth, I have discovered the powers of wholefoods, feeding the body well and living my top three values every day. I am a woman out to impress herself and no one else, and most importantly to be here for the long run for my girls and their children too. By leading the way and leaving a legacy of wellness for my girls to follow, I hope in the long run that everyone will see others with no judgement and embrace one another heart to heart.

If you would like to read more about Kay's story and how she is speaking out you can follow her Facebook Page here.

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