Location: Porongurup National Park

Distance: 5.5km return

Grade: 4

Trail Marker: Unmarked trail, easy to follow

Duration: 1-2 hours

Cost: $13 National Park Fees

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at Tree-in-the-Rock carpark

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: 19th September 2019

Wansbrough Walk is an 5.5km return hike that takes you through the gully of a towering Karri forest between Nancy’s Peak and Devil’s Slide in the Porongurup National Park. The trails runs from the Southern boundary to the Tree-in-the-Rock carpark and be started/finish at either end. For the purpose of this blog we began via the southern side at Waddy's Hut. Waddys hut is hidden and often missed by the hordes of tourists that explore the park every year which is a shame as the hut has quite a history.

The beginning of the trail is a steep continuous 965m ascent up a rough surfaced firebreak to intersect with the Nancy Peak Walk on the right and the Devils Slide Walk on the left. We have pre-warned you that this initial section is tough, only good quality shoes and hiking poles will make it a little more bearable. Please don't underestimate the climb or tumble back down. Once you have reached the trail junction it is a much nicer walk through the gully of gradual terrain out to the Tree-in-the-Rock Carpark where you have the opportunity to relax, enjoy a picnic, and check out Tree-in-the-Rock before heading back the same way you came.

It's rare that one would only do this particular walk on it's own as it forms part of the Nancy Peak Walk and if you wish to do Devils Slide this is the initial trail you would take also. For those after a nice leisurely walk I would recommend starting at the Tree-in-the-Rock Carpark, wandering to the trails junction before the steep descent down to Waddy's Hut and then returning back on the same trail again.

We hope our blog inspires you all to get out and discover the land down under. Western Australia has hundreds of other trails for you to explore meaning there is a trail waiting for you all, suitable to your own abilities.

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