Location: Palm Tce, Lesmurdie Falls

Distance: 3km loop

Grade: 3

Trail Marker: Pink square with gecko

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: At top section only

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: 19th October 2018


The Valley Loop Walk Trail is one of the lesser used trails in the Lesmurdie Falls area, a short 3km loop taking in parts of the Shoulder Trail, Falls Trail and Foot of the Falls Trail. Leaving the trail head interpretative sign I initially followed the Foot of the Falls Trail for 50m or so till I came to the first directional sign, large orange post signalling the direction and distance of each trail. For the Valley Loop walk, walkers turn left and make their way across Lesmurdie Brook. Thankfully the water wasn't running to high and there are lots of rocks and tree stumps to step on over anyway. Straight across I could see a narrow trail with a trail marker pointing ahead so began the ascent up the side of the valley. Once I had reached the top of the valley the views out over the Swan Coastal Plain and out to the city were just magic but I knew I would get the same views when I loop around over by the top of the falls so I continued on making my way to the Shoulder Trail lookout, marked with a man-made rock seat. A beautiful way to view the Lesmurdie Falls from a side many probably would never see.

Continuing on the trail still ascends slightly up to the highest point of the shoulder passing by quite a few beautiful granite areas with good views looking back to the city. From here I made my way over to the wider vehicle tracks, turned right and proceeded along, descending down quite an eroded section before popping out at Upper Lesmurdie Falls. From here walkers could turn left and do the new Lesmurdie Brook loop trail but for the purpose of this loop I turned right. Walking over the bridge of the Lesmurdie Brook I enjoyed the soothing sounds of the waterfall and then turned right to make my way to the top of the falls picnic area. I passed by the start of the Shoulder trail which is well signed and starts by walking over another bridge. For the Valley Loop Trail stay on the main track and head out to the ridge at the top of the falls. A paved boardwalk provides an almost red carpet feel leading out to amazing views and to the two lookouts at the top of Lesmurdie Falls.The first lookout stands over the upper section of the waterfall. A little further down is the second lookout which provides greater views out to the city.

An interpretative sign talks about The Darling Scarp at the edge of the Darling Plateau. I found it to be really amazing information actually especially when I read that about 200,000 years ago the scarp on which the lookouts are was once a line of cliffs with the sea, beaches and bays below. Crazy to think the whole Swan Coastal Plain was once completely under water. As I began the descent down skirting along the ridge of the scarp the full length of the waterfall would come in to view providing the best place to take a full length photo. From the ridge the trail descends deep into the valley via a few switchbacks to the foot of the falls where you come out back at the first sign when you crossed over the brook. From here you have the option of turning right to see the foot of the falls but for this walk, turn left and head back to the carpark.

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