Porongurup Range Astrophotography Twilight Hike

Have you ever wanted to learn how to photograph the beautiful & vast universe that surrounds us?

Down Under Discoveries and Southern Cross Astrophotography link forces to provide you with an amazing Porongurup Range Astrophotography Twilight Hike.

Western Australia's dark night skies and lack of light pollution make it an ideal place for Astrophotography. Immerse yourself in one the oldest mountain ranges in the world, hosting some of the darkest skies in Western Australia.

Whether you’re beginning your photography journey, or are looking to further develop your astrophotography skills , join us on our astrophotography hike and start your next adventure.

* Shoot for the Stars *

From AUD $55.00 per person

Departs: Saturday 22nd February

Start/Finish Times: 6.00pm - 10.00pm

Duration: 4hrs approx.

Location: Porongurup National Park

Group Size: There is a minimum of 10 people required for this experience to run. Maximum 20 people per experience.

Meet location:
Our meeting point is on the Field of Dreams Cricket Field at Thorns Mountain Retreat

2226 Porongurup Rd, Porongurup

Please arrive at the start 15mins prior to commencement.

Please note: This event is on a strict schedule and we need to get away on time therefore are unable to wait for latecomers.

Adult: $55pp (15 and over)

Childrens, family or concession rate not available sorry.

Please note that prices exclude a booking fee which is added at time of checkout. We hope you understand that as a small family run business we simply are not able to absorb all costings and fees. Direct bookings via email do not attract this fee.

Please contact chelle@downunderdiscoveries.com if you wish to take up this option.

A $2 contribution to Greenfleet is made on behalf of each of our guests as part of our Carbon Offset Program, contributing to the restoration of our Australian forests. See here for more details.

Highlights of the Experience

Field of Dreams, Picnic Rock, Hidden Caves and Hanging Rock
Immerse yourself in Porongurup History with local historians Peter and Mike Thorn taking a step back in time as they share with you the history of Peter's 'Field of Dreams', the highest cricket field in Western Australia and surely the most scenic being next to the Porongurup National Park.

Experience some of the hidden treasures in this ancient Porongurup Mountain Range that only locals know about. Your nature guide leads the way through the natural bushland, sharing with you two secret locations on the north side named by locals as Picnic Rock and Hanging Rock. If you think Castle Rock is magnificent, wait until you are completely immersed in what makes Porongurup so special. This component covers approximately 3km with some rock scrambling involved.

Nature Immersion
Immersing ourselves in the present moment and deepening our connection with nature is the heart and soul of Nature Immersion, a practice which helps us deeply root into our natural surroundings, fostering a sense of natural belonging as we engage our five senses within nature.

Our job as your Nature Immersion guide is to get you to slow down as you walk along the earth guiding you through subtle sensory practices that will assist in immersing yourself into nature's beauty, calming your mind and rejuvenating your spirit.

Astrophotography Workshop
During this workshop you will be learning about where certain objects are, in the sky, and how that changes throughout the year and night. Where and what the south celestial pole is and what it means for your photos. How to setup your camera and tripod, the camera settings to use to photograph the night sky. And, various techniques you can use to capture your images for later post processing. Joshua will also discus various styles of astrophotography such as images, timelapse and star trails. The workshop is mostly about how to capture the images. He will not be discussing much about post processing, and it is expected that you already know how to change your camera settings and know your way around your camera.

The entire Astrophotography component is done on the Field of Dreams Cricket Field which is safe, flat ground, with amazing views of a starry night sky. You can read more about Joshua & his business here.

Please note: The astrophotography component is recommended for beginners or those with very limited understanding of astrophotography. Those with a good level of astrophotography already will most likely not benefit from the experience.

About Joshua - Southern Cross Astrophotography
Joshua Bunn has a deep passion for photographing the cosmos. He started this in 2012 with a DSLR and tripod to photograph the milky way in a wide field sense. Since then he has added a telescope to photograph distant galaxies, star clusters and nebula, and is now in the process of building a remote telescope observatory so he can get more time photographing space and also sleeping. He is based in Albany on the south coast of WA, where the coastal scenery and beaches make a stunning foreground for wide field milky way astrophotography, but also your fair share of clouds. Joshua looks forward to welcoming you on the night. Whether you’re beginning your photography journey, or are looking to further develop your astrophotography skills , join us on our astrophotography hike and start your next adventure.

Mountain Sunset with Bushtucker Inspired Nibbles
Witness the sun setting on another day in The Amazing South Coast whilst enjoying a Bushtucker inspired spread of infused slices, cakes, biscuits and bliss balls, washing it down with a cup of Warndu Bushtucker herbal tea.

Please contact Chelle on 0439463285 or via email chelle@downunderdiscoveries.com for all bookings and enquiries.

Important Information

Outdoor Adventuring does pose certain hazards even if participants do not recklessly place themselves in harm's way. Risks such as falling, slipping on loose gravel, sprains and insect/snakes bites are possible when exploring outdoors. Our guides are qualified and experienced, conducting our adventures with those risks and others in mind, and whilst the risk will always remain, we do exercise a high level of caution throughout the experience with safety of our clients being our highest priority. Each sessions begins with a brief safety induction in relation to the activity being undertaken. Our guides are also fully qualified in Wilderness First Aid should the need arise.

Participants should note that any adventure travel involves a higher than normal risk and a signed release may be required from all participants before departure. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding our liability disclosure.

We do highly recommend travel insurance for any outdoor adventure experiences.

Fitness Level:

Most of our hiking experiences are suitable for those with a good level of fitness. We do encourage you to be fit enough to make the most of the experiences we have on offer. This particular experience includes hiking trails that are graded 3, which include some steep sections and uneven ground however with guided support are doable by most people of good fitness level. We do pause throughout to allow those who need to catch their breath. The quality of your experience is our priority.

Note, for the safety of all passengers, we reserve the right to prevent passengers from participating in some activities. Those with injuries should contact us directly before making a booking.

Toilet Facilities:

There is a drop toilet located at the Field of Dreams where we begin/end the hiking component and conducting the Astrophotography  component. Otherwise business would need to be done in the 'bush toilet' so please have toilet paper/tissues and hand antiseptic with you just in case you need to go throughout the experience.

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"I experienced the Kitty's Gorge hike with Chelle and a lovely group. The scenery is stunning and the recent rains turned on a lovely show of water falls."

- Linda - 


"I have done two moonlight forest immersion hikes now and each one has been a wonderful experience and grounding. A wonderful way to restore your energy amongst nature and be truly mindful".

- Luke R - 


Hi Chelle, I just wanted to write a quick msg to let you know how awesome it has been going on your group hikes. I have always wanted to do something in the outdoors which involved both weight loss and mental healing. I have slowly found something that has helped me establish who i am as a person as it has given me the clarity i been looking for, to find myself as a person. And I love myself for it! Thank you for creating such a great team environment for all fitness level, people that love to be one with nature, and for people that just need that time to find what they need 🙂 You rock!


I joined the New Moon walk tonight at the Zigzag and had a great time. A short enough walk to do not being fit but long enough to get a workout. Amazing scenery and the end of hot tea and singing bowls was lovely. Highly recommend as a doable experience that is affordable and not hard for a usually sedentary person to achieve. Chelle and Dave were great hosts that have great experience to offer.

- Ruth - 

I highly recommend the 1 day tour to Perth Waterfalls with Chelle at DownUnderDiscover. As a foreign it was a pleasure to met a local with such sound knowledge of WA nature and the outdoors experiences. I enjoyed and learned a lot on this tour and the waterfalls were spectaculars.The tour is very well thought, and runs smoothly through the day with a great attention. We have time to ask questions, enjoy the walks without rushing and spend a wonderful day. For sure I will come back for another hike/outdoors experience.

- Olga - 

We had a wonderful morning on the recent Zig Zag Flora, Fauna & History Tour. There was an abundance of wildflowers to discover, learn about and photograph. Learning the history of the Zig Zag and early settlers was very interesting and gave us a new appreciation of the area. Our guides were very friendly, knowledgeable and provided a great morning tea. Thank you for an excellent event.

- Adele - 

We had a beautiful evening walk with Chelle. The moon didn't quite make it through the clouds, but the energy was exquisite, and the guide, and company, lovely. Thoroughly recommend this experience, and I can't wait to try others, such as the New Moon walk.

- Jaki - 

Great walking tour in the hills. Loved the very knowledgeable Ken who walked us through the amazing flowers of the region. Highly recommended. Oooh and such a yummy lemon myrtle cake too.

- Trevor - 

The forest walk was amazing. I really enjoyed the meditation and connection exercises and the walk itself is very manageable. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes nature and walking!!

- Debbie - 

Mothers day Hike was for my daughter and I our first venture on to the Bibbulmun Track. From the start Chelle and her family crew made us feel very welcome. The Hike was relaxed and at a speed suitable for all ages .Chelle very informative about the trail and the surrounding plants and trees. Midway homemade scones and tea was a welcome break in the midst of beautiful tranquil surroundings. The mothers day flowers and chocolates at the end was also lovely surprise. We will definately be booking more hikes with Down Under Discoveries.

- Meg -

Fantastic hike, no pressure to rush. I absolutely loved the meditative forest immersion moment. Yummo handmade bushtucker morning tea was a real treat. The morning started off quite crisp and cool but brightened to a warm, clear day. Chelle, our guide is really knowledgeable but warm, approachable and has great people skills.When I can afford another hike, hopefully a night one, will definitely be choosing this lovely family run business.

- Sandie - 

Thanks Chelle at Down Under Discoveries, I had a really great time, learnt lots and didn't feel rushed or unsafe at any point! even with the snake trails � 
I couldn't do something like that on my own so it's great you've created something that gets people outside �
Lovely group of people and I look forward to my next adventure! ��

- Tamara -

I have joined Chelle on some amazing hikes around the Perth area. She is a fantastic guide with a depth of knowledge and a passion for the environment and for bringing it to people who might never get to enjoy the countryside. Albany Region, you are lucky to have her!!!

- Andrea, Perth -


What’s Included

  • Guided hiking experience including a rear guide for safety
  • Astrophotography Workshop with Astrophotographer Joshua - Southern Cross Astrophotography
  • Bushtucker Inspired Nibbles
  • Entry fee to Porongurup National Park (we still have to pay for you regardless if you have your own park pass or not)
  • Photos posted on our Facebook Page

What to Bring

  • Water bottle or Camel Back with at least 2 litres of water per person
  • Hiking pack or backpack to carry your items
  • Insect Repellent, Tissues/Toilet Paper, Head fly net if you have one
  • Comfortable walking shoes suitable for hiking and rock scrambling
  • Suitable clothing - It gets cold and windy on top so dress accordingly.
  • Torch or headlamp for the descent - A red light head torch for Astrophotography components
  • Your camera (with an SD or CF card) ***You must have a sound understanding of their camera’s functions and are confident in the use of Manual Mode***
  • A tripod which you can attach your camera to.
  • A lens with focal length of up to 50mm or there abouts.
  • Spare camera battery.
  • BYO Dinner - We provide nibbles but for those who are extra hungry we suggest to BYO dinner
  • Travel insurance*
  • Most importantly a great sense of adventure
  • As part of our commitment to conducting our nature based tourism experiences in an environmentally sustainable manner we do ask that you consider using an Eco friendly reusable water bottle (not plastic) and that any extra snack items you bring be in reusable containers. We do offer to take all rubbish at the end of the day to make sure it is recycled correctly.
* Please ensure that you have adequate travel insurance to cover cancellations, lost property, medical evacuation, personal liability, lost deposits, etc.

Terms and Conditions

Please go to the following link to read our Terms and Conditions before making a booking. This includes information about our Cancellation Policy.

Down Under Discoveries Terms and Conditions