Location: Taylor Inlet, Nanarup

Distance: 3km loop

Grade: 1

Trail Marker: Unmarked trail, easy to follow

Duration: 1-2hrs

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Date Paddled: 26th December 2019

With the kids down from Perth for Christmas and fine weather forecast for Boxing Day, we decided that it was time to tackle another of The Amazing South Coasts 10 Great Paddles, so made our way out to Taylor Inlet at Nanarup. Taylor Inlet is a beautiful secluded Inlet located at Nanarup Beach east of Albany which is mostly closed to the ocean providing a sheltered paddling experience. The inlet is roughly kidney shaped and is about 1100 metres long and 400 metres wide and is surrounded by saltwater paperbark and rushes providing habitat for many native species of fauna.

Beginning at the mouth of the inlet we paddle off in a clockwise direction taking the opportunity to paddle around the edge of the inlet and up the small tributaries for a more challenging experience. The first point of interest was the old fishermen’s camp on the eastern banks but I can't seem to find any information on it's history so we paddled on north to a small creek in the north-west corner of the bay. The paddle brochure says it is possible to paddle up the small creek pushing under overhanging trees but it didn't seem doable to us so we paddled on around the western side of the inlet looking out for the osprey nest in the trees but perhaps were not looking close enough. Keen to head back out there again soon so will update if I find it.

At the northern end of the inlet near Nanarup Road there is a much larger creek entering and this time we decided to to paddle up and explore. It's only a short distance till you reach a bridge that is on private property. Maitraya Retreat sits on the banks and the bridge is how you enter the property. From here we paddled back out and along the eastern bank past large areas of rushes that provides habitat for many native species of fauna. Despite being a sheltered lagoon we felt is was actually quite exposed to wind so final comments would be just to take note of the weather prior to heading out. Once you finished your paddle we highly recommend walking up to the lookout or along Nanarup Beach to the lagoon at the western (right) end of the beach. It's an amazing area to explore.

We hope our blog inspires you all to get out and discover the land down under. Western Australia has hundreds of other trails for you to explore meaning there is a trail waiting for you all, suitable to your own abilities.

Get outdoors and experience extraordinary!

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