She Seeks Adventure

Brand Ambassador Program

- Become a She Seeks Adventure Brand Ambassador -

Are you a passionate outdoor enthusiast?
Do you spend every minute of spare time you have exploring the outdoors?
Do you respect the principles of 'Leave No Trace'?
Are you influencial?
Do you have a strong following on Facebook and Instagram?
Are you interested in representing a brand whose mission it is to empower women?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you might be just what we are looking for!

Our vision is to inspire women everywhere to get outdoors and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Immersion in the natural world brings life enhancing peace, joy, zest, the ability to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset, & to see the interconnectedness of all things.

Our mission is to encourage Women to push through barriers, boundaries and fears, encouraging personal growth, self confidence and a positive mindset through building a connection with the natural world, 'Adventure Therapy'.

We are looking for passionate outdoors women who connect with our vision, mission and brand as well as their community to represent She Seeks Adventure as a Brand Ambassador for 2018.

- The Perks -

*Enjoy complimentary experiences to selected single day adventures (limited)*

*Meet like minded adventurous women and develop new friendships*

*Embark on new adventures and enjoy new experiences in your region*

*Own Ambassador profile displayed on our website with links to individual Social Media account*

*Regular shout outs and sharing of individual Ambassador experiences to our followers*

*Opportunity to speak and share personal experiences at future She Seek Adventure events*

*She Seeks Adventure Ambassador Pack (T-shirt, Hat & Stickers, issued after a 3 month trial)*

*Explore with like-minded women all looking to ignite that fire within, helping each other to be the best version of themselves both mentally and physically*

*Help grow and be part of a community whose mission is simply to get more women outside building a connection with the great outdoors*

- The role of the Ambassador -

*Represent She Seeks Adventure as an energetic facilitator and point of contact during single day experiences as organized by She Seeks Adventure*

 *Promote conversations within your network to bolster the She Seeks Adventure community*

*Take pictures during your own personal experiences and adventures to be shared on Social media and other marketing channels*

*Once received, wear your She Seeks Adventure Brand Ambassador shirt and hat with pride on your outdoor adventures*

*Work closely with She Seeks Adventure for new assignments, updated information to share, and post adventure follow up*

*Engage and share She Seeks Adventure social media campaigns, events and buzz. Be active in the She Seeks Adventure community including the upcoming She Seeks Adevnture Tribe Facebook page, and Instagram*

*Help grow the She Seeks Adventure brand and lifestyle*

*Not take the She Seeks Adventure Ambassador role lightly! Ambassadors are not attending single day experiences as guests. Instead, they are there to make sure everyone’s adventure is enjoyable and runs as smoothly as possible*

The current role of a She Seeks Adventure Brand Ambassador is done with love, meaning it is an unpaid role. All Ambassadors will begin at an entry level, and will be assessed at the end of each calendar year as to their level of contribution to She Seeks Adventure. If we ascertain a high level of commitment to She Seeks Adventure, we will then discuss a deeper level of partnership with the Ambassador involved, possibly leading to a paid role.

No promise is made at any point of the entry level stage as to what that partnership offer would be.

- What we are looking for -

*Motivated, energetic, hardworking person with a love for people, the outdoors, and growing with us*

*Someone who spends every minute of spare time exploring the outdoors

*Someone who respects the principles of 'Leave No Trace*

*Strong, enthusiastic public speaker. A cheerleader for the brand while engaging people with wit and charm*

*Confident assisting with large group events. There is the possibility especially with those not local, to host She Seeks Adventure events in regions outside of Perth so leadership skills will be highly regarded*

*Available weekends since She Seeks Adventure single day experiences generally take place on Saturdays and Sundays*

*Social media and computer savvy, influencial with a good number of strong active followers*

*Competent phone photographer. Basic knowledge of snapping a great picture*

*Excited to help grow the She Seeks Adventure brand and be a part of it*

*Marketing and/or leadership background is a plus*

*All around adventurous woman keen to inspire others to get outdoors and explore*

*Women dedicated solely to She Seeks Adventure and who have no affiliation with other brands or business's*

- Brand Ambassador Application -