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Our vision is to create adventures that empower Women to push through barriers, boundaries and fears, encouraging personal growth, self confidence and a positive mindset by building a connection with nature, 'Adventure Therapy'.

Our aim is to inspire women everywhere to step into their most luminous, powerful and wise versions of themselves, embracing their female bodies and their femininity to create total wellness within. We want to encourage all women to test their limitations, body and mind by taking risks, fully supported in nurturing, fun and safe outdoor environments.

We hope to encourage women to sustain being mentally healthy as well as help those whose mental health may need a bit of a boost through our therapeutic adventure experiences which help us feel good about ourselves, improves our self-confidence, self-esteem and enhances our mental health. These experiences quite often contribute to a reduction in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression which leads to positive changes in womens lives.

Nature provides us with the ability to heal ourselves, enhancing our state of mind, it is grounding, it is emotionally restorative. Nature helps calm, soothe and return us to a natural state of relaxation, which in turn has positive physical effects. Peace and inner balance are restored!

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She Seeks Adventure Founder

Chelle 2


Meet Chelle

After personally experiencing over two decades of a variety of mental health issues, I was able to find my way back to better health and a positive mindset through many different avenues, but the major influence in overcoming some of the most crippling disorders was time spent in nature, 'Adventure Therapy'.

That popular saying of “and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” has been so pertinent throughout my entire life. As I look back over all my challenges, I have realized that each accomplishment came about from disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life and reconnecting with my authentic self through building a connection to nature, challenging myself in the outdoors. Yet for so long I lacked the knowledge, tools and maturity to see it for what it was, instead just moving through the motions day after day, year after year.

By the age of 13, the slightly different, outdoorsy, adventurous girl I once was, had started to fade. Exposure to sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence both mentally and physically within the home, on top of being a prime target of school bullying pushed me to breaking point and ultimately led to a 23 year battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

It was a long hard battle as I tried desperately to hold on to a sense of worth, worth I only ever found in engagements with the outdoors. I joined Army Cadets in high school, one of few places I ever felt myself, as I was continually challenged to confront my fears, test my limitations through learning skills and knowledge that encouraged my true self to shine and grow. It was the only place I could be myself and I thrived at it, making my way through the ranks, encouraging others to rise to do the same. When I became too old for cadets I joined the Army Reserve where once again I felt complete, my favorite parts of course were heading outdoors. By this time I had been able to quite my drug addiction but unfortunately my alcohol addiction had gotten worse as I had replaced the drugs with more booze and I spent the next few years faced with many other struggles including depression, anxiety from workplace bullying, stress and lack of self-worth, as well as being suicidal. Those issues overwhelmed me and I left the Army Reserves, having no direction, nothing that inspired me. I used to say they were wasted years, but have come to realize that those years were actually crucial in becoming the person I am today, for I now have the tools and personal experience to help others.

Now, 9 years drug free and almost 4 years sober, I am qualified and experienced as an Outdoor Adventure Tour Guide and successful business owner. I hold an accredited Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development with qualifications as a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counselor, and am a registered practitioner with the International Meditation Teachers & Trainers Association (IMTTA). I am also currently studying  Cert IV in Mental Health through National College Australia. I am a supporting member of both the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc (AABAT). My company Down Under Discoveries is also a proud partner of Act - Belong - Commit.

I am an adventurous outdoors woman ready to share with you all my inner truths, lessons, experiences, knowledge and my expertise in hope that I can empower women and young girls from all over the globe, to stand in their truth, test their limits and find their passion through building a connection with the outdoors.


She Seeks Adventure Event/Workshop Partners


Meet Jen - Oils with Jen

Jen’s passion for the outdoors began at a young age often asking her parents to take her to the beach and relishing family time spend having picnics in the great outdoors in the Perth Hills where she grew up. Unfortunately Jen’s parent’s didn’t exactly share her great passion for the outdoors and it wasn’t until she was grown up and moved out of home with her own set of wheels and money to spend that she was able to truly explore her passion for the great outdoors and adventure.

Jen’s first real taste for hiking was in the picturesque Lakes District in the UK where she scaled her first mountain – there was no going back! From here she lived in Japan for four years and climbed two of the three holy mountains in Japan as well as learning to snowboard which is how she spent her winters. When she came back to Australia she went on an Eastern States adventure learning to dive and also surf. However when settling down with a family and kids it became tricky to continue these activities and like many mums Jen found herself at times sad, lonely and depressed.

A friend of Jen’s suggested to get outside for a walk daily which Jen started to do, and once again Jen was reminded of the power of fresh air and the great outdoors. As a new mum Jen began exploring cost effective ways to take care of her family and reduce the toxins in her home. Every recipe Jen discovered contained essential oils! Jen explored this further and discovered a whole world of applications for essential oils! She couldn’t help but share this with others.

Jen now runs Oils with Jen where she harnesses her background and experience in education and training in empowering others about the benefits of 100% pure essential oils and the power of nature! With a passion for the great outdoors and adventure, Jen shares with us her top tips and DIY recipes with essential oils to support you wherever your adventures take you.

You will meet Jen at our Women's Adventure Weekend as she will facilitate our Essential Oils for the Outdoors workshops.

You can check out more of what Jen does via her Oils with Jen page here.


Meet Kay - BeRite in all that you area

As a mum to a special needs child and three other girls, a business woman and Skin Body Mind coach, Kay prides herself on sharing her life of experiences and triumphs. Having been a woman who in her younger days was the target of school bullying, to then being a woman seeking love in the wrong places, and having been emotionally and physically abused for well over 12 years - having been through all that, it wasn’t until her first born child became paralysed at the age of 10 years that she spiralled into her darkest days of depression and high anxiety.

After many days of living in fear of the unknown, eating her way through her emotions and numbing herself with alcohol, these last six years she has been able to re-centre herself, regain her own true self and show others the way. It is here that she found her true calling in coaching others through 7 Principles to Wellness, incorporating the three main aspects to the whole body in her Skin Body Mind approach.

Having a child with special needs has given her the ability to see people for who they are without the outside influences or pressures of society to be classed as a “normal” human being, but more to embrace the unique “self being”. In her coaching techniques, she offers one on one consultations and runs workshops for small groups, so the teachings can be designed for each individual to take away new tools to help them on their way to make better choices every single day.

Since being on her own journey of personal growth, she has discovered the powers of wholefoods, feeding the body well and living her top three values every day. She is a woman out to impress herself and no one else, and most importantly to be there for the long run for her girls and their children too. By leading the way and leaving a legacy of wellness for her girls to follow, she hopes in the long run that everyone will see others with no judgement and embrace one another heart to heart.

You will meet Kay at our Women's Adventure Weekend. She will be one of our supportive group leaders, there to assist you throughout the weekend.

You can check out more of what Kay does via her Be Rite page here.

Debbie Clark

Meet Debbie - Southern Cross Bujutsu

Debbie Clarke began training jujutsu in 1965 at the Swanbourne Police and Citizens Youth Club with an instructor who had been taught by Jan de Jong.  In 1972 she transferred to the Jan de Jong Self Defence School in Hay Street, Perth and continued training with Jan de Jong until his death in 2003.  Debbie became engrossed in training under the gentle guidance of the great but humble Master Jan De Jong and with his wife Margaret, as an inspiration and role model.  During those 38 years she trained in jujutsu, pencak silat, kenjutsu, stick arts and a variety of other Japanese weapons.

Debbie commenced teaching Jujutsu around 1975, running branches of the Jan de Jong Self Defence school and teaching at high schools.  She was the chief female instructor at the school until 2002 and developed a comprehensive self defence course for women.  From 1987 until 1998 she was National Womens' Coach for the Australian Jujitsu Association.

Over the years Debbie has conducted courses and workshops for hundreds of groups and institutions, including security personnel, hospitals, prisons, seniors groups, women's groups, people with disabilities, WACOSS, universities and schools.

In 1990 Debbie attended her first WinMAA (Network for women in Martial Arts Australia) in Adelaide.  She was one of a small group of women who started the WA branch of WinMAA.  Over the years that she attended these conferences throughout Australia, the Jujutsu seminars she presented were extremely well received.  WinMAA WA hosted 3 national conferences over the next 12 years.

In 2001 Debbie realized a long term dream and started her own martial arts school, Southern Cross Bujutsu.  This has enabled her to put into practice the many ideas she had been developing with regard to the teaching of jujutsu particularly to women, children, and people with special needs.

You will meet Debbie at our Women's Adventure Weekend and she will facilitate our Self Defence for Outdoorsy Women workshops.

You can check out more of what Debbie does via her business here.


Meet Vanessa - Bush Wisdom Survival

Vanessa Paget from Bush Wisdom Survival is an experienced Bush Survival instructor, environmentalist and educator. Vanessa has a wealth of knowledge, providing amazing Bush Survival and Snake Awareness workshops for our She Seeks Adventure program.

Vanessa will assist you in developing your survival skills  with a greater understanding of our natural landscape. By reading the language of the bush and knowing the five basic needs of survival, you will be better prepared with knowledge and experience to possibly save your life or that of others.

The Bush Survival workshops will teach you: Planning priorities, fears, phobias and myths, water management and procurement, edible/medicinal resources, direction finding with and without a compass, avoiding poisoning by toxic vegetables and alternative fire lighting methods.

Vanessa has a deep and lasting passion for reptiles that many fear, yes Snakes and as Vanessa points out, Snakes do have a heart, feelings and personalities. As women of the outdoors there will be a time somewhere along your travels where you are in the same vicinity as one so why not equip yourself with the necessary knowledge beforehand. Enjoy the outdoors with a greater understanding of our native animals and save them from being harmed. Respect instead of reacting to encounters by shedding your fears.

The Snake Awareness Workshops will teach you: Learnt perceptions of reptiles, phobias and myths, Knowledge and strategies to overcome your fears, Safety management of yourself and reptiles, First Aid management for snake bites, correct care and handling techniques of reptiles and the opportunity to interact with live animals.

Vanessa's programs are designed to inspire and discover new skills, develop confidence with strategies  that can be transferred to many areas of your life whatever your age and experience.

You can check out more of what Vanessa does via her business here.


Meet Paula - Girls of Perth Parkour

Paula facilitates our Parkour in Nature workshops, teaching the fundamental movements and concepts of this amazing discipline.






















You can check out what Paula does with the Girls of Perth Parkour here.


Meet Claire

Claire grew up in the Northern Territory in a small mining community in Arnhem Land. This brief encounter with indigenous culture, nature and community set her up with the morals and values which she has carried through her life as she has a love for the outdoors, exploration and people.

After years travelling throughout Australia and Europe whilst studying, Claire graduated University with a Bachelor of Secondary Education and Economics and began teaching Humanities and English.

Throughout her career she has always had a passion for inspiring students to the best version of themselves and has organised numerous camps, team building days and national and international tours.

Three years ago, Claire purchased a 4wd and has since developed an even greater passion for nature exploration beginning a life of camping, road trips and adventures. In 2016 Claire took her two little girls, around a trip of Australia with the highlight being the Gibb River Road and Uluru.

Claire wants to explore every corner of this beautiful country in her 4WD and encourages other women, and especially single mothers to do the same.

Through reading, study, networking, nature and hard work Claire has battled through Post Natal Depression, anxiety, over eating, binge drinking and smoking and is on a constant journey to become the best version of herself. Claire wants to work with women, and youth, to become the best version of themselves and find self love which she believes is the key to unlocking all the universe has to offer.

You will meet Claire at our Women's Adventure Weekend. She will be one of our supportive group leaders, there to assist you throughout the weekend.


Meet Karen

Karen is an Intuitive Soul Guide, Energy Healer and Psychic-Medium who wants to see you embracing life to its fullest and shining your light in the world.

Karen struggled for years to really accept herself and love all of who she was. She struggled with mental and emotional abuse in her relationships and spiraled into depression when her Dad passed when she was 16. A life style of alcohol, parting and seeking approval from whom ever would give it to her soon followed and left home at age 17. She wasn’t living an authentic life and being true to who she truly was. She felt misplaced and misunderstood in the world. Years of depression, on and off medication and merely existing took over her life.

Depression, anxiety and PTSD are some of things that Karen has over come to lead an Authentic life and Love the person who she is today. Through years of personal development classes, energy healing and connecting to her intuition and higher self she began to heal.

Today Karen's passion is to empower women to discover their TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF and love all of who they are. She would love to see you discover the real essence of who you really are. Your Story Matters, Your Voice Matters, You Matter. You are Worthy and Deserving, You are Enough just the way you are, You are Loved. You are a Devine Infinite Being. You are Light, You are Love. Karen guides you to connect with your soul and come home to who you truly are in all your magnificence and beauty.

She does this through her Energy Soul Sessions using Reiki, Ashati, Crystal Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Coaching and Connecting with Spirit. She provides a loving and safe environment for you to connect with your Soul where there is no judgment, only love and compassion.

She is here to walk alongside you on your soul journey. Love, Light & Blessings, Karen

You will meet Karen at our Women's Adventure Weekend. She will be one of our supportive group leaders, there to assist you throughout the weekend. Karen also facilitates the Womens Circle on our Full Moon Women's Circle Hikes. You can read more about what she does here.


Meet Brooke

As a yoga teacher with 5 years of specialist experience, Brooke's aim is to enable clients to discover their own individual paths to happiness.

This passion for honouring the individual stems from her respect and knowledge regarding energy and the ability to create major changes when working with it. As any yoga teacher will tell you, to find yourself tethered only by your breath, on your mat, in your own space, is truly to come home to who you really are.

Brooke works with each client as an individual, using a person centred approach, knowing that each client has travelled their own path. In this ways she seeks to create transformative experiences that her clients continue to benefit from indefinitely.

Combining yoga, body movement and various other modalities, she gently guides clients using her highly intuitive and developed understanding of both the human body and the energies emanating from it. It is important to her that she supports clients to reconnect with themselves, utilising trauma informed strategies to release and heal on a deeper level.

Brooke’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing people leave feeling relaxed, renewed and ready for whatever they may encounter next.

With qualifications in Yoga, Ballet, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Anatomy, Physiology and Counselling, Brooke teaches with a holistic approach to every class, also incorporating her years of experience running women’s circles.

You will meet Brooke at our Women's Adventure Weekend. She will be one of our supportive group leaders, there to assist you throughout the weekend and will facilitate the Yoga component of the weekend.