She Seeks Adventure

Hiking, Mountain Bike Riding, Trail Running, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Kayaking, Outdoor Skill Workshops, Scuba Diving, Ultimate Adventure Weekends, Camping, Four wheel driving, Forest Therapy, Nature Immersion, Meditation, Yoga, Rogaining and Team Building.

Outdoor adventures especially designed for women!

She Seeks Adventure is an outdoor women's adventure program inspiring women to push through their barriers and fears while providing an opportunity to engage in Adventure Therapy. Through facilitating a connection with the outdoors, we encourage women’s personal growth, building their self-confidence and assisting in the creation of a positive mind-set.

Women are naturally caregivers, often putting others needs before our own. Connection with other women is something many of us are lacking too yet when women reach out and connect with each other it not only changes their lives, but in turn can change the world.

Women are each other’s emotional support system. From giving advice, being a shoulder to cry on, keeping secrets, lending a listening ear and boosting self-esteem, to developing strong and healthy female friendships is something all women can benefit from.

Each year 1 in 5 women struggle with a mental health condition, including anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While counselling and medication may help, more and more women are turning to alternative natural options and looking for more deeper meaningful connections.

Time spent in nature is scientifically proven to boost our mental health, including but not limited to decreasing stress levels, improving creativity, lowering depression, decreasing rumination, easing PTSD, and improving our sense of well-being.

Adventure Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes activities, metaphors, physical challenges, outdoor activities and wilderness experiences with groups and families. This unique treatment modality is based on the theory that there is therapeutic value in creating safe ways for participants to experience actual and/or perceived risks that serve as agents to create desired change in the participant.

Nature restores mental functioning in the same way that food and water restore bodies. By engaging mentally and physically in a She Seeks Adventure activity, you are tapping into parts of yourself you may never before have explored and find previously undiscovered strengths, which can be an empowering and profound experience.

Ladies, it's time to think about number one....YOU!

Join the She Seeks Adventure community, meet like-minded women and nurture your wild spirit.

She Seeks Adventure Founder

Chelle - Down Under Discoveries

Hi I'm Chelle, founder of the She Seeks Adventure.

After personally experiencing decades of a variety of mental health issues, I was able to find my way back to better health and a positive mindset through many different avenues, but the major influence in overcoming some of the most crippling disorders was time spent in nature, 'Adventure Therapy'.

That popular saying of “and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” has been so pertinent throughout my entire life. As I look back over all my challenges, I have realised that each accomplishment came about from disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life and reconnecting with my authentic self through building a connection to nature, challenging myself in the outdoors. Yet for so long I lacked the knowledge, tools and maturity to see it for what it was, instead just moving through the motions day after day, year after year.

By the age of 13, the slightly different, outdoorsy, adventurous girl I once was, had started to fade. Exposure to sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence both mentally and physically within the home, on top of being a prime target of school bullying pushed me to breaking point and ultimately led to a 23 year battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

It was a long hard battle as I tried desperately to hold on to a sense of worth, worth I only ever found in engagements with the outdoors. I joined Army Cadets in high school, one of few places I ever felt myself, as I was continually challenged to confront my fears, test my limitations through learning skills and knowledge that encouraged my true self to shine and grow. It was the only place I could be myself and I thrived at it, making my way through the ranks, encouraging others to rise to do the same. When I became too old for cadets I joined the Army Reserve where once again I felt complete, my favourite parts of course were heading outdoors. By this time I had been able to beat my drug addiction but unfortunately my alcohol addiction had gotten worse as I had replaced the drugs with more booze and I spent the next few years faced with many other struggles including depression, anxiety from workplace bullying, stress and lack of self-worth, as well as being suicidal. Those issues overwhelmed me and I left the Army Reserves, having no direction, nothing that inspired me. I used to say they were wasted years, but have come to realise that those years were actually crucial in becoming the person I am today, for I now have the tools and personal experience to help others.

Now, 9 years drug free and 41/2 years sober, I am qualified and experienced as an Outdoor Adventure Tour Guide and successful business owner. I hold an accredited Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development with qualifications as a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Human Development Therapist, and am a registered practitioner with the International Meditation Teachers & Trainers Association (IMTTA). I am a supporting member of both the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc (AABAT). My company Down Under Discoveries is also a proud partner of Act - Belong - Commit. I have also just started Cert IV in Mental Health in the hope of furthering my understanding in this field.

I am an adventurous outdoors woman ready to share with you all my inner truths, lessons, experiences, knowledge and my expertise in hope that I can empower women and young girls from all over the globe, to stand in their truth, test their limits and find their passion through building a connection with the outdoors.

She Seeks Adventure Facilitators

These amazing women you see below are your She Seeks Adventure Facilitators.

Sheree & Claire are both outdoor lovers dedicated to empowering women to live a happy and healthy life through the power of connection both with like minded women and with mother earth. They each have their own personal stories of struggle to share, but through a commitment to self care and getting outdoors have, like Chelle, overcome some of lifes biggest challenges and now inspire women everywhere to do the same.

As mothers themselves, they recognise the importance of leading by example, being positive role models for their children.

It begins with us.

Sheree Rossi - She Seeks Adventure
Claire Hennesey - She Seeks Adventure