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Inspiring women to get outdoors

Our program inspires Women to push through barriers, boundaries and fears, encouraging personal growth, self confidence and a positive mindset through building a connection with the great outdoors, 'Adventure Therapy'.

Immersion in the natural world brings life enhancing peace, joy, zest, the ability to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset, & to see the interconnectedness of all things.

We create challenges that test your limitations, body and mind by taking risks, fully supported in nurturing, fun and safe environments.

We facilitate outdoor workshops that provide you with life skills and knowledge to support your future outdoor endeavours.

We provide experiences that allow women to connect with other like-minded women, helping each other to be the best version of themselves both mentally and physically.

Nurture your wild spirit.

Night Hikes

There is something magical about hiking at night, using the moon and the stars as a light source. Without the heavy traffic we often find on our trails during the day, we get to experience nature in stillness and in peace. Our senses become heightened, our eyes are forced to adjust to the lower light, and our ears search out sounds in the silence.

As we walk through the night and are met with unfamiliar noises, our imaginations go a little wild, often drawing out our fears, but if we allow ourselves to be present in the moment and witness the marvel of the nocturnal world we often miss at night, we truly see that in darkness there is also beauty.

We invite you to join our guides,  explore our trails after dark and fall in love with nature all over again.

29 April 2018

Full Moon Hike – Lesmurdie Falls National Park

She Seeks Adventure hosts this Full Moon Hike within Lesmurdie Falls National Park. As we walk through the night and are met with unfamiliar noises, our imaginations go a little wild, often drawing out our fears, but if we allow ourselves to be present in those moment and witness the…

2 hrs

From AUD $25.00

Day Hikes

Our day hikes are perfect for any woman new to adventuring outdoors. We take you away from the city and along some of the most exhilarating trails, bringing you closer to the natural world. From waterfalls to woodland, creeks to quarries, and breathtaking views - you're sure to return refreshed.

A gentle hike with like-minded women that is sure to relieve any fears or concerns you may be harboring and you will quickly find yourself immersed in the beauty of nature, encouraging a natural state of relaxation with positive effects such as effectively managing stress and easing anxiety levels, enhancing our state of mind.

The feeling of relaxation one receives from time spent in nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to your mental and physical well-being.

We have a range of hiking experiences on offer from short beginners hikes to half day hikes and full day hikes for those after a little more of a physical challenge.

29 April 2018

Ellis Brook Valley Walk Beginners Hike

A 4.9km hike in Ellis Brook Valley Reserve comprising of the Blue Wren Ramble and Sixty Foot Falls trails taking you through the richest wildflower location in the Perth Metropolitan Area. It is the perfect introduction to hiking in Perth, as you explore with like-minded women, an experience that is…

2 hrs

From AUD $25.00

5 May 2018

Julimar Forest – The Pilgrim Trail Half Day Hike

We follow 22km’s of The Pilgrim Trail within the Julimar State Forest, a jewel of the north with spectacular views and vegetation to be admired all around. Abundant with wildlife such as Brushtail Possums, Kangaroos, Woylies and is also home to one of the healthiest known chuditch populations in WA.

6 hrs

From AUD $45.00

13 May 2018

Mothers Day Bibbulmun Track Hike

Finding the perfect gift for mum can be tough. While you could go with traditional gifts like chocolate, flowers, a card or even something homemade, sometimes the best gift is spending quality time with the woman who raised you. The Bibbulmun Track offers some of the most beautiful scenery in…

3 hrs

From AUD $35.00 adults $10.00 child $80.00 family (2A 2C)

23 June 2018

Bells Rapids to Syd’s Rapids, Walyunga National Park Half Day Hike

This 14km trail rewards hikers with beautiful hills, majestic granite boulders and rushing waters of Walyunga National Park. Enjoys views of both countryside and coastal plains as you walk along where the Avon and Swan Rivers meet. Learn about the indigenous history, plants and animals and the history of white…

6 hrs

From AUD $45.00

25 August 2018

Yanchep Rose Trail Half Day Hike

This 14 kilometre trail meanders through Yanchep National Park along the coastal plain vegetation, passing historic bunkers and offering beautiful panoramic views from the sea to the scarp. With limestone outcrops, extensive wildflower displays and Kangaroo sightings it really does make it a very enjoyable walk.

6 hrs

From AUD $45.00

6 October 2018

Bibbulmun Track, Mundaring to Hewett’s Hill Campsite Half Day Hike

A 16km half day hike throughout the Darling Range section of the Bibbulmun Track. Departing from the Perth Hills Discovery Centre we travel up to the Golden View Lookout, offering stunning views of Mundaring Weir and Lake O’Oconnor. We then explore the track passing through a mix of jarrah, marri…

6 hrs

From AUD $45.00

Wilderness Workshops

Immersing ones self in nature is one of the most important things we can do for our mental well-being. Nature could be looked as a therapy which has no side effects. Beautiful, benevolent, and soul restoring, a simple walk in the wild can be a profound experience.

However, a simple walk in the wild without the right knowledge and gear can and often does turn into a survival situation, therefore is essential to have intimate knowledge of the local environment and mastery of basic fundamentals in order to ensure one’s survival.

If you are an adventurous person and like to spend time in the outdoors, having some ability with regards to primitive skills can literally save your life. Learning these skills builds confidence and self-esteem so that in the future you will feel more at ease in your ability to deal with any potential life-threatening situation Mother Nature might throw at you.

We invite you to be courageous, step out of your comfort zone and start equipping yourselves with these life saving skills.

20 May 2018

Basic Wilderness Navigation

She Seeks Adventure is proud to have Terry from Adventure Out deliver this amazing Basic Wilderness Navigation Course within the beautiful grounds of Fred Jacoby Park, Mundaring. Terry will assist you in developing your knowledge and confidence with topographical maps (1:50,000), understanding and workings with a compass and to measure…

8 hrs

From AUD $120.00

2 June / 28 October 2018

Self Defence for Outdoorsy Women

Enjoy a 3km hike along the Bibbulmun Track from Mundaring to South Ledge where we are welcomed by long time martial arts instructor Debbie Clark who will provide a safe and enjoyable martial arts experience that covers basic issues that apply to the use of self defence.

4 hrs

From AUD $60.00

24 June / 18 November

Bush Survival Skills and Reptile Safety Awareness

She Seeks Adventure is proud to have Vanessa from Bush Wisdom deliver this amazing Bush Survival Skills and Reptile Safety Awareness workshop within the beautiful grounds of Chidlow Village Green. Vanessa will assist you in developing your survival skills with a greater understanding of our natural landscape. By reading the…

6 hrs

From AUD $120.00

30 June / 20 October 2018

Essential Oils for the Outdoors

A half day workshop comprising of a Nature Immersion Barefoot Hike followed by a relaxing Singing Bowl Sound Healing Session. We will then join Wellness Advocate and DIY enthusiast Jen, as she teaches you how to make your very own Nature’s solutions DIY first aid kit.

4 hrs

From AUD $60.00

12 August 2018

Basic Wilderness & Remote First Aid Workshop

She Seeks Adventure hosts Med Response Basic Wilderness & Remote First Aid Workshop at the Canning Eco Centre. Spend the day equipping yourself with the fundamental basics of first aid in the wild. Learn how to rescue yourself and others in emergency situations. The team from Med Response will guide…

1 day

From AUD $180.00

Adventure Experiences

- When women support each other incredible things happen -

Our Adventure Experiences have been created for women who are ready to really challenge their limits. We use these Adventure Experiences to empower you to push through barriers, boundaries and your fears by facing them head on, stepping well beyond your comfort zone.

We encourage all women to test their limitations, body and mind by taking risks, fully supported in nurturing, fun and safe outdoor environments. The adventures are challenging but fun, in a purpose-driven atmosphere of learning, sharing, achieving, listening, empowering and, most of all, bonding with like-minded women.

We invite you to be courageous, step out of your comfort zone and join us for an adventurous day in the outdoors.

28 April 2018

Mother/Daughter “Have a Go” Surf Experience – Secret Harbour

She Seeks Adventure is excited to host a Mother/Daughter “Have a Go” Surfing Experience. Test your balancing skills and see if you can stand up on your board or catch a wave in the surf. A great beginners lesson that will give you some great skills to start your surfing…

2 hrs

From AUD $90.00 per mother/daughter pair

29 April 2018

Mother/Daughter Parkour in Nature – Introductory Workshop

She Seeks Adventure hosts a Mother Daughter ‘Parkour in Nature’ – Introductory Workshop. Join us for an afternoon of movement and adventure in the beautiful Perth hills as we explore Parkour in the natural environment. Forget what you think you know about Parkour, and get ready for two hours of…

2 hrs

From AUD $35.00 per mother/daughter pair

26 May (Sold Out) / 19 August

Introduction to Mountain Biking – A Beginners Clinic for Women

Are you keen to see what all the excitement of mountain biking is about? This is a great way to introduce yourself or friends to mountain biking in Western Australia. A female instructor will guide you through an introduction to mountain biking, covering all the beginner topics like bike setup,…

2.5 hours

From AUD $50.00

27 July 2018

Margaret River Adventure Weekend

Join She Seeks Adventure for their Margaret River Adventure Weekend. The weekend promises lots of laughs and adventure as we enjoy a forest to coast Mountain Bike Riding experience, Abseiling into a crystal studded cave and soaring chambers, Hiking along the world class coastal trail along a section of the…

3 days

From AUD $780.00

4 August 2018

White Water Rafting & Hiking Experience

Enjoy a delightful forest hike along the 4km Kangaroo Walk Trail within Walyunga National Park which crosses creeks among granite boulders, wandoo and marri. White water rafting is one of the most thrilling outdoor adventures you could experience. Hang on tight and experience the thrill of the Avon River from…

1 day

From AUD $170.00

19 August / 8 September 2018

The Fundamentals of Mountain Biking – An Intermediate Clinic for Women

Join the guys from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mountain Biking team for a skills based ride around the trails of the Kalamunda Circuit. This clinic is designed to improve your riding skills and techniques, while increasing your confidence to tackle new challenges. We will stop at trail features to outline…


From AUD $75.00

24 August 2018

Hike, Climb and Paddle 1 Day Outdoor Adventure Experience

Nature Immersion 5km Hike on the Bibbulmun Track in Kalamunda National Park, 4 hour Abseiling Experience at one of Perth’s best quarries, 2 hr Sunset Kayaking Paddle along the Swan River + optional Perth Bar Tour.


From AUD $240.00

8 September 2018

The Advanced Techniques of Mountain Biking – An Advanced Clinic for Women

Have you been riding for a while, gained a solid platform but feel like your skills have levelled off? If you would like to take your skills to the next level then this is the clinic for you. This clinic is designed to take the skills and techniques from our…

3.5 hrs

From AUD $100.00

21 October 2018

Outdoor Rock Climbing 1 Day Experience

Get out and about with She Seeks Adventure as Adventure Out teach us all there is to know about outdoor rock climbing. Adventure Out’s Rock Climbing Adventure is designed for those who have never been rock climbing before or those interested in improving their skills on natural rock! Your instructor/s…

1 Day

From AUD $125.00

14 December 2018

Women’s Ultimate Adventure Weekend

She Seeks Adventure is proud to present Perth’s first Women’s Ultimate Adventure Weekend. Three days of action packed adventure that will test your limitations, body and mind by taking risks, fully supported in nurturing, fun and safe environments. A weekend created to inspire you to push through barriers, boundaries and…

3 days

From AUD $695.00

Charity Hikes, Adventures and Fun Runs

Down Under Discoveries is committed to promoting & contributing to organisations close to our heart. Our She Seeks Adventure program holds a variety of charity hikes and challenges throughout the year as our way of giving back to the community.

The charity organisations we have chosen, we chose based on their dedication to educate & raise awareness of womens health issues as well as their dedication towards implementing programs that improved the quality of life of those women.

Many of the hikes and challenges we offer are provided at no cost, or very minimal cost providing those participants who may not be in a position otherwise, the opportunity to challenge themselves as well as making a contribution to their community. These experiences are quite often life changing as we challenge our limits, pushing through our barriers to support others in need. The feeling one gets from making a difference to others is profound.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

16 November 2018

Ultimate Fear Factor Experience

Are you ready to face your fears with the ‘Ultimate Fear Factor’. She Seeks Adventure has created this amazing 1 day experience to really challenge your limites with the ultimate outdoor thrills, soaring with a Tandem Skydive from 15,000 feet followed by jumping for your life and participating in the…

1 Day