Located in the heart of the Great Southern is the small town of Porongurup, the  place we now call home. An amazing little village on the northern slopes of the Porongurup mountain range, an ancient mountain range formed more than 1,100 million years old.

Born and bred in Perth, we could no longer deny the calling of ancient mountains, white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of the amazing south coast so after 40 years of city life have relocated for that sought after country lifestyle so many dream of.


The Porongurup Ranges are the remnants of large granite that resulted from the heating and reworking of the crust involved in the collision between Australia and Antarctica to form Gondwana over a billion years ago. The granite from which the Porongurup Range is formed is more than 1,100 million years old, and has been exposed by slow weathering of the softer rocks surrounding the range. It was once an island surrounded by sea with the Stirling Ranges forming the southern coastline

The name of the range is derived from the Aboriginal name Purringorep, which was recorded by Captain Wakefield, who led the first expedition to the range. Many unusual rock formations make the range a fascinating place for bush rambles. Footpaths lead to several peaks, other paths cross the range and a nature trail leads through the forest near Tree in the Rock picnic area. This site, set among the karri trees, almost has the feel of a cathedral, with the towering karris providing the domed roof.

Recognised for its natural history, ecological significance and exceptional conservation value, the Porongurup National park was placed on Australia’s Heritage List on 4 August 2009. It's a small mountain range in comparison to the neighbouring Stirling Ranges, with a distance of 12 kilometres long and 670 metres at its highest point and covers abut 2500 hectares. It is said to be the oldest mountain range in the world.

It is cloaked in a luxuriant forest of giant Karri trees and the under-storey puts on a brilliant display of wildflowers during spring and early summer.  It is an internationally known 'biodiversity hotspot' with over 700 native plant species, 300 macrofungi and 15 lichen species. There are also several Gondwana relictual invertebrates a species over 1200 million years old, including endemic spiders and giant earth worms. Fauna includes the Western Ringtail Possum, Carnaby’s and Baudin’s Cockatoos, Carpet Python and the endangered noisy scrub bird.

As well as the beauty of the moss-covered granite rocks and the lush forest, the views from the Porongurup Range are magnificent. From the peaks and other vantage points the Stirling Range is clearly visible to the north and, on a clear day, you can see the Southern Ocean.


Getting to and around Porongurup

  • If you are looking to fly in, Albany Airport is approx 45 km south of Porongurup.
  • Taxis are available however due to the distance car hire is recommended.
  • Airport transfers can be arranged. Contact chelle@downunderdiscoveries.com for a quote.
  • A roadtrip from Perth is only 370km and will take you approx 4 hours.
  • Day Tours to the Porongurup region are available departing twice a week from Albany.

To find out more about the Porongurup region, go to Porongurup.com



The small village of Porongurup has a population of approx 370 passionate, community driven, outdoor enthusiasts. The locals are hard working individuals all committed to preserving the magic of the oldest mountain range in the world.

The industry within the region varies with dairy farmers, vege growers, wine producers, tour operators, accommodation providers, conservationists and much much more.

Community groups include:

Porongurup Promotions Association

Porongurup Community Association

Friends of the Porongurup Range



Things to Do

Visitors to Porongurup are spoilt by rewarding and memorable attractions.

There are many award winning wines available, a few select food outlets,  the magnificent Porongurup National Park, and numerous walks.

The Porongurup Wine Festival is held every year in March and hosted by one of the Porongurup Wineries on a rotational basis. It is a premier event where the wineries of the region come together with food and celebrities and performers that draws thousands of locals and tourists for a day not to be missed!

Art in the Porongurup, previously Art in the Park, draws artists in from all over the Great Southern who have been producing top quality sculptures for nearly two decades. The first exhibition was initiated to raise funds to assist the Friends of the Porongurup Range with the purchase of a 1260 acre farming property now known as Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve.

The Porongurup website features a range of activities and destinations for everyone, all in a scenic, diverse, yet compact location.

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A wide range of accommodation in the immediate area of the Porongurup Range caters for every taste and budget.

The Porongurup Range Tourist Park is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. The site is beautifully grassed with well maintained grounds and nestled amongst shady trees.

Or for those seeking a little more luxury there are a range of beautiful self contained units, cabins, cottages and chalets all offering secluded privacy, outstanding views, peace and tranquillity.

Click here to view the variety of what's on offer.