Nature Immersion

Mindfulness, exploration, connecting to country, ecotherapy, reflection, nature observation, re-connect to nature, nature play, Shin-rin Yoku (forest therapy), good mental health, disconnect to reconnect, sensory awakening, walking meditation & detoxification.

Immersing ourselves in the present moment and deepening our connection with nature is the heart and soul of Nature Immersion, a practice which helps us deeply root into our natural surroundings, fostering a sense of natural belonging as we take part in Nature Immersion activities.

Deep nature immersion is excellent medicine for the madness of modern life. Cultivating awareness of nature will lead you back to a simpler and more organic way of relating to life that reveals new and exciting layers of your personality.

Our Nature Immersion experiences create connections, awareness and understanding about the natural places we visit, in the hope of encouraging those who had previously seen the natural environment as irrelevant or peripheral to their lives, would discover the benefits of being outdoors, for themselves and for nature. They would then come to value those benefits and develop a level of care and commitment for the natural places around them as we do.

Our job as your Nature Immersion guide is to get you to slow down as you walk along the earth, immersing yourself into nature's beauty, calming your mind and rejuvenating your spirit.

Nature Immersion - Down Under Discoveries

Why pay for a guided hiking experience?

It's absolutely true that anyone can hike most of the hikes we run and we certainly do encourage that through our Down Under Discoveries blog which provides some tips from our experiences for those keen on getting outdoors themselves.

Our guided hiking experiences however, are offered for those who do not wish to hike alone and are often in collaboration with other experiences. We have spent many years equipping ourselves with the qualifications & knowledge to ensure the comfort and safety of our groups. We are a well respected Eco Accredited Tour Operator within the Tourism Industry and have all of the necessary licenses, permits and insurances in place that are required to lead groups on WA Trails.

Our hikes are informative and unique, providing our clients with memorable experiences.

Not sure if our Nature Immersion walks are for you?

Our Nature Immersion experiences provide our clients with the opportunity to slow down and completely immerse ourselves in the environment around us. The walks we do can be done in a much shorter length of time but that is not what we are about so if your a go-getter that just wants to get from A to B, this is probably not the right experience for you. However if your someone who wants to get outdoors and truly experience nature without any time restraints, under the safe guidance of a qualified guide then this is the experience for you.