Nature Immersion

Mindfulness, exploration, connecting to country, ecotherapy, reflection, sensory awareness, nature observation, re-connect to nature and nature play.

Half Day Hikes

Nature is not just a collection of trees, rocks or animals, but rather a presence that surrounds us, providing us with profound experiences wherever we go.

Our half day hikes take you out of the city and along some of the most exhilarating trails, bringing you closer to the natural world. From waterfalls to woodland, creeks to quarries, and breathtaking views - you're sure to return refreshed.

Immersing yourself in nature helps place us in a natural state of relaxation, encouraging positive effects such as effectively managing stress and easing anxiety levels, enhancing our state of mind. The feeling of relaxation one receives from time spent in nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to your mental and physical well-being.

Our 2019 Half Day Hiking schedule will be released soon

Mountain Hikes

The mountains are calling so we must go - John Muir!

There is something  quite fascinating about mountains. Maybe it’s their tall and grand appearance or the initial intimidation when you cast your eyes on it. But ultimately, the most satisfying part is the sense of accomplishment that you get after climbing one. The feeling of achievement, appreciation for the journey, and the chance to be outdoors.

Western Australia mountains are not the highest in the world, but they do offer some of the most spectacular views over exquisite natural landscapes.

Treat yourself to spectacular views high above the mountain tops and a physical challenge by adding these mountains to your bucket list.

The best views come after the hardest climbs.

Our 2019 Mountain Hiking schedule will be released soon

Night Hikes

There is something magical about hiking at night, using the moon and the stars as a light source. Without the heavy traffic we often find on our trails during the day, we get to experience nature in stillness and in peace. Our senses become heightened, our eyes are forced to adjust to the lower light, and our ears search out sounds in the silence.

As we walk through the night and are met with unfamiliar noises, our imaginations go a little wild, often drawing out our fears, but if we allow ourselves to be present in the moment and witness the marvel of the nocturnal world we often miss at night, we truly see that in darkness there is also beauty.

We invite you to join our guides,  explore our trails after dark and fall in love with nature all over again.

Our 2019 Night Hiking schedule will be released soon