Location: Monadnocks Conservation Park

Distance: 1.2km return

Grade: 3

Trail Marker: Unmarked but flagging tape

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at Monadnocks Bibbulmun Track Hut

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: 4th July 2018


The Mount Randall walk trail can be accessed from the Bibbulmun Track, Monadnocks Hut. The trail heads straight up and then back down again. For walkers doing the Bibbulmun Track, it makes a great little side walk. We parked at the bottom of Herold Rd and walked up to where the Bibbulmun Track crosses, turned left and made our way along the Bibbulmun to Monadnocks Hut. It was the perfect time to be out in the Darling Range as we were well in to Fungi season and boy was there a lot of variety of Fungi on the track. Tall Jarrah Trees and more unique Fungi lined the way through slightly overgrown sections to wide open sheok forests ascending up to Mount Randall.

I found this section of the trail to be pretty well used but where we were a little confused the flagging tape was there to guide us along. The ascent up was quite gradual, nothing too challenging leading up to the elusive Fang Rock. From Fang Rock the trail leads out to the ridge running around the top of Mount Randall, and provides what I believe to be the most beautiful views in the Darling Range. From this lookout we turned towards the summit and walked through a little more bush with a bit of rock scrambling before coming out to more wide granite where you are treated to spectacular views to both the east and west.

There is quite a lot of beautiful big boulders to explore so don't be afraid to take your time and check out what is around. We found some pretty unique findings like a section of large boulder that has split off from its base creating a clean break and the opportunity to lay back and look up at the sky. There is also a really cool face in one of the rocks. Can you see it in the pics below? The trail loops around back to Fang rock and then follow the trail back to the start.

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