Location: Wongan Hills

Distance: 7.9km loop

Grade: 3

Trail Marker:Yellow marker with a thorny devil symbol

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: No

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: Some time in 2016


The Wongan Hills Nature Reserve (aka Mount Matilda Walk Trail) is a 418 hectare reserve. The landscape of the hills is a complex of ridges dissected by steep gullies with the rugged ground unsuitable for farming and grazing.  It remains an island of natural vegetation surrounded by cleared farmland. The highest point of the reserve is Mt Matilda at 434 metres above sea level. The trail starts via the access road off Waddington-Wongan Hills Rd and is clearly signed. After parking our car we made our way to the start of the trail, clearly marked by a stone feature along with an interpretative sign. We would be following the yellow trail sign with a thorny devil symbol. Now if your lucky you just may get to see the namesake of the trail, the Thorny Devil. Thanks to Sophie's keen eye we were able to have an up close encounter with this little guy.

Flora of the Wongan Hills is extremely diverse with more than 250 species of flowering plants, some that do not occur anywhere else in the Wheatbelt. There are 16 different species which are unique to the Wongan Hills, five species gazetted as rare flora in the Nature Reserve and numerous species of priority flora. Read the informative plaques throughout the walk detailing the vegetation along the way. Learn about the interesting history of the trail which was initially proposed in the early 1900s but took 93 years to finally construct. Visit the four lookouts along the trail with magnificent view across the countryside. Mount Matilda is the highest peak within Wongan Hills and offers an uninterrupted panoramic view.

The easy Top Trail has two loops to choose from. A short 4.8 kilometre loop or a seven kilometre loop. The short option follows a yellow marker with a bird symbol while the other loop follows a yellow marker with a thorny devil. Both trails venture to the western side of the mesa to take in the views of wheat and Lake Hinds. The trails have seats at every view point as well as interpretive signage. Highlights include the views at speakers chair, gimlet gully and red barked gimlets growing in profusion below. The Speakers Chair (Rock Spur) as seen below, is named after the Hon T F Quinlan Speaker of the House of Assembly who visited on July 7th, 1908 searching for the proposed railway route north of Wongan Hills.

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