Location: Beenyup Rd, Byford Hills

Distance: 2.7km loop


Trail Marker: Trail head only so map/gps required

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Date Hiked: 7th July 2018


Having heard about this trail from a few sources, I found myself with some spare time and out Byford way so made a last minute decision to go and check out this trail. The waterfall was the main appeal more so than the actual trail as I had read it goes through residential areas. Not sure how that would appeal as a good walking trail when there is so much natural bush in the area to be explored so I decided to make my own trail using the many firebreaks and other trails in the area. The trail starts at the end of Beenyup Rd, where you will see the trail-head sign. The main trail passes Marcora Falls, returning via Brown Street, Stevenson Place and Bradshaw Road. My version stayed within the reserve. Marcora (pronounced Marcoray) means ‘wet season’ or 'winter' in the local indigenous language. Some of the granite outcrops you will find along the way are thought to be 400 million years old.  Viewing vantage points look out over Kwinana and Perth.  Wildlife to look for include Western Brush Wallaby, Western Grey Kangaroo, Honey Possum and Southern Brown Bandicoot. The Flora is varied and abundant though much of it is shallow rooted because of the granite outcrops and shallow poor soil but walkers can see jarrah and marri forests includes wattles, grasstrees, myrtles, grevilleas, hakeas, and in spring blue lady orchids and fringe lillies.

Marcora Falls is a beautiful little hidden gem on this lovely walk trail. The steps along the left hand side take you to the top of fall which takes you to the top section of the falls. Continuing on, I made my way to the first wide fire break and made a left turn which at this point was still following the main trail. You can see the little stream on the right at this point and a trail over the other side that seems quite steep. Little did I know I would be making my way back down that on my return. The views were surprisingly quite nice at I made my way to the next point of interest, a historic water tank. It was at this point that I decided to leave the 'official' trail and turned right instead making my way back up into the reserve. I think I found those 400 million year old granite rocks.

The next section got a little tricky as by this point the rain had come back a little making the ground quite slippery and I had to navigate my way off the wide fire breaks to a narrow trail downhill. I found myself a narrow trail going down....note to self....not a good alternative in the wet. After sliding my way down the trail, which probably really wasn't a proper trail, I found myself back at the stream I had first seen after Marcora Falls. Crossed the stream and made my back to the carpark via same route.

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