Location: Lewis Rd, Forrestfield

Distance: 5km loop


Trail Marker: Occasional triangles with red rectangle 'Shire of Kalamunda Walk Trail' sign.

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Date Hiked: 27th October 2018


I had put the Lewis Rd Walk Trail way down the bottom of my 'trails to do' but with our relocation to the south west nearing I was keen to get as many local trails as possible so being it is a dog friendly hike, I set off with my boy Diesel nice an early and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Whistlepipe Gully has always been my favourite so when I realised that the Lewis Rd Walk actually passes over it I was a bit excited to complete the walk. The walk has a few steep sections, especially to start off with as you make your way up to Ozone Terrace along wide gravel vehicle tracks that have the potential to be a little nasty so one needs to take it easy. Hiking poles are recommended. The first km or so if a constant ascent up bending around many corners providing fantastic views of the regional park. There are a few trail signs around but I highly recommend taking a hard-copy and GPS of the map to help with the tricky areas.

The advantage of climbing those hills, are the views and it's not too far up that you can see Perth CBD in the distance. The trail does flatten out as you walk through a section of Wandoo trees which provides a little relief as you start to climb again for the last section to the road. Diesel was in his element here, if only hills didn't affect me in the same way. The disappointing part of the walk is the fact that you have to walk along the road (Ozone Terrace) for a fair way and with overgrown grass, the verge was not an option so had to walk on the actual road until the next vehicle service track. An orange Mundy Regional Park sign marks the entrance where the trail continues back down into the park. Descending down the vehicle track can be a little slippery with the amount of loose gravel so just take it easy. The trees were blocking out those city views at this point but still pretty to see out over the Swan Coastal Plain.

Now on to what I think is the main highlight of the walk, crossing Whistlepipe Gully, which as mentioned, is my favourite Perth Hills walk.....and it just so happened to cross my favourite part of Whistlepipe Gully, the wooden bridge...a nice place to sit and reflect. Crossing over the stream, the trail continues straight across ascending up at a less intensive climb passing through Wandoo and Jarrah Forest. As we loop back around, making our way to the start, views of the Perth city and Swan Coastal Plain are once again a welcome sight. Coming out of the Wandoo Forest, the trail turns in to a more sandy gravel track and then splits in two. For this walk, walkers turn right and continue along. The left turn takes you over the Lesmurdie Falls, a hike I would like to explore for another day. Here's where it gets tricky and you really have to pay attention. According to the Shire of Kalamunda's trail notes I had to turn right but there was no real visible track, thankfully I saw a sign high on a tree confirming that the faint trail I saw was in fact the one I needed to be on so proceeded on. The trail narrowed and then disappeared quite a few times, keep an eye out for those red signs, however towards the end the trail just stops in the bush, thankfully the road is right there so I just got out which ever way I could, jumped on the road and then walked the 20m or so back to the car.

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