Location: Falls Rd, Lesmurdie

Distance: 1.5km loop

Grade: 2

Trail Marker: Purple Triangle with boot markers

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Dog Friendly: Yes

Date Hiked: 18th November 2018


The Lesmurdie Brook Trail is a little bit special for us as we use to volunteer for the Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls and had adopted a plot of land around the weir to care for and maintain. Sadly with our relocation down south we had to give up those duties but still support them as best as we can. The walk is an easy 1.5km loop trail that heads upstream winding around the Lesmurdie Brook passing by beautifully handcrafted bridges and seats. It really is a beautiful location, that in summer attracts many people, so much so that you usually can't get a carpark. I think for me why I love Lesmurdie Falls so much is that as a kid it was our go to place to cool off in summer.

The trail starts at the bottom carpark. I say bottom as there are now 3 carparks so you can actually start the walk any from any of them. From the main carpark you follow the trail around to the right up to the cascades. Unfortunately the sun wasn't in the best place to capture the cascades but it's quite a beautiful area to visit. There is quite a bit of variation along this trail between habitats. Along the riparian zone of the brook you will find plants that like to get their 'feet' wet. In the upper woodland wandoo, marri and jarrah trees are found in this landscape. In spring, this trail is perfect for viewing wildflowers. The first main cascading waterfall is where the start of the loop begins. You will return along the same trail you walked to here. The first section you pass as part of this loop is the area we had once adopted, 'The Weir', a popular place for the kiddies and paw babies to take a dip in summer and cool off. The weir is a man-made feature of the area that Friends of Lesmurdie Falls built themselves.

Further along is a rock monument dedicated to the commitment of the Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls Inc and their work on the trail. From this point you will now find a few absolutely gorgeous handmade bench seats around the trail. It's quite a beautiful time to be doing this walk, with all the rains we had over winter and then being Wildflower season. The Friends have done an amazing job of including some nature playgrounds for kids to enjoy, although us parents have used it a few times too. It's a great location to do Parkour.

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