Location: Lagoon to Living Streams Trail, Canning River Park

Distance: 4.8km return

Grade: 1 - Easy

Trail Marker: Unmarked

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Cost: Free

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at various locations

Dog Friendly: Yes

Date Rode: 31st January 2018


The Lagoon to Living Streams Trail is a really nice easy going trail that follows the banks of the Canning River along well maintained paths accessible for walkers, cyclists, runners and also wheelchair friendly. We started at Bannister Creek. Bannister Creek is looked after by the Urban Waterways Renewal Project who are committed to restoring the lower sections of the creek to an attractive parkland and Living Stream whilst maintaining it's storm water function.

As we continued on we admired the many places provided for families to spend a lazy afternoon, picnicking under the shade of one of the many trees. We found the parkland to be very well looked after, not a scrap of rubbish anywhere which is surprising for high traffic areas so kudo's to City of Canning for keeping such a beautiful reserve clean and tidy for the public to enjoy.

We finally neared what would be the starting point for many, firstly crossing the wooden boardwalk leading out to first sights of Riverton Bridge passing over the Canning River. The Canoe River Landing Ramp is a busy little location as kayak and boat enthusiasts launch from this point, in high tide anyway. As you can see in the pictures below the tide was out quite considerably on this day.Final part of the trail is to cross Riverton Bridge from Riverton Bridge Park over to the Fern Park Playground, a very popular family hangout with a nature based theme and super handy for mums and dads who need their coffee fix, with Lo Quay River Cafe right next door. This was a really easy family friendly ride. The banks of Riverton Bridge Park is a great location to watch the sunrise so I dare say this will be one we do more often.

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