Location: Jorgensen Park, Crescent Rd Kalamunda

Distance: 2.7km loop

Grade: 2/3

Trail Marker: Red Triangle

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Dog Friendly: Yes

Date Hiked: 10th July 2018


Jorgensen Park is one of my favourite Paw-Friendly trails in Perth. It's located on the southern border of Kalamunda National Park and contains toilet and picnic facilities, including barbeques. The trail is easy to navigate and there is actually a small network of unofficial trails that run throughout the park providing you with plenty of variety to explore with your four legged friends.  The land on which Jorgensen Park now sits, was pioneered in 1895 by Jacob & Annie Schmitt. In 1928 residents from the shire of Kalamunda formed a golf club and took out a loan of £25 each to purchase 67 acres of the Schmitt’s orchard and 60 acres of reserve bushland for the golf course. The Kalamunda Golf Course was a popular challenging course that remained opened until 1972 when it was moved to Forrestfield. It is now used as public park and walk area. The park was named after Hedley Jorgensen, who was the son of one of the original buyers as well as maintaining the club president role for many years.

In some places the Jorgensen Park Walk Trail follows many of the old fairways, most are very obvious although not your typical lush green views. The trail also incorporates some of the Bibbulmun Track along the northern edge of the park. Getting started on this trail is really quite simple, park your car in the car park of the Kalamunda Learning Centre at the end of Crescent Road. Don't leave any valuables in the car as break-ins are common unfortunately. There is a whole network of trails throughout this loop so you really can go any way you like but today we stuck mostly to the actual loop trail with one detour. We made our way in an easterly direction along the main fairway on the right hand side and once we got to the Y fork we continued right passing by a small clump of Balga Trees and continued on route passing by houses and fences as we made our way down a gradual downhill slope. Lookout for the large Rock Boulder on the right hand side. It's a great photo opportunity.

Not long after we arrived at our detour, a section some locals even had no idea it existed. Basically you want to detour right at the large granite rock boulder. The trail is very obvious. The views of the Piesse Brook Valley can start to be seen through the trees from this point also. We walked along a small trail down to a large open granite outcrop which overlooks the Beelu National Park and Piesse Brook Valley. I love the bent arched tree as we walk down, it's like a doorway to natures beauty. This place is heaven, perfect to watch the sunrise and even better on a full moon. The trail then heads back up towards the main route up and over a small rocky area and on to the old golf course where you turn right to continue along the main loop trail. From this point we continued to walk along a narrow track that was heading towards a look out over the Helena Valley. The Bibbulmun Track joins up from the left but continue straight ahead to the lookout. Both trails link up here and follow each other right through. t's not long after the lookout when we come across a Dieback cleaning station, which is also the start of the Kalamunda National Park and where the Bibbulmun Track continues on down into the valley below.

This section we also detoured as the main loop trail technically follows the Bibbulmun turning left but we chose to continue straight along the fairway back up the carpark. It was a nice grassy section and was good to see that redevelopment has started to take shape in the area. I believe the state government promised a few million to upgrade the facilities but they haven't put it in writing as yet so it's cause a few setbacks. I am sure it will all work ahead. It would be a shame to see this beautiful park let go.

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