Location: Castle Rock Rd, Porongurup National Park

Distance: 4.4km return


Trail Marker: Trail-head sign and then 'how far' posts

Duration: 2- 3 hours

Cost: $13 National Park Fees

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: 17 January 2019


The Granite Skywalk, Castle Rock attracts over 95,000 people each year and it's not hard to see why. The suspended walkway wraps itself around the huge granite outcrop of Castle Rock and truly is a marvel of engineering with two lookouts that give spectacular views across the park. We set off from the Castle Rock carpark and began the 2.2km ascend up to the skywalk passing through jarrah, marri and karri forest. It doesn't take long to get the heart racing on this hike so enjoy the chance to pause, catch our breaths and explore the couple of little sidetracks that lead out to some open granite sections.

The terrain varies from a slightly wider trail where you can pass people quite easily to narrow single file sections. There are quite a few steps and rocky areas that require a little more thought about where you intend on placing your foot but overall is is quite an enjoyable walk. The first major point of interest on the trail is 'Balancing Rock', a 6 m high granite boulder balancing delicately on a small base. Then it's on to the star of the show. A short scramble over and under granite rocks and then climbing to the top of the "castle" via an upright ladder.

For those that are not keen or able to do the rock scramble, there is still the opportunity to see some amazing views via the Karri Lookout which is only 50m from this point. It too offers amazing views of the heathland and farmland below as well as the chance to look up to see the Granite Skywalk wrapping around Castle Rock. For those that are able to make it over and under the rocks, you are in for a treat, that's assuming you are ok to climb the 6m ladder to the top. Despite having a safety cage wrapped around it, for those scared of heights it can be a bit of concern. Hopefully your able to go all the way, especially after walking that far.

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