Location: Eagle View Walk John Forrest National Park

Distance: 15km loop

Grade: 3

Trail Marker: Yellow triangle with black Eagle

Duration: 3 - 5 hrs

Cost: National Park Entry Fees apply

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: 10th November 2018


Having hiked the Eagle View Trail a few times before I realized I hadn't actually taken many photos of my adventures. With a half day group hike on the cards I decided to make sure I would get some decent ones this time for the purpose of the blog. What I didn't count on was it being a rather strange day weather wise with high humidity and a freak thunder and lightening storm which all aided in the excitement of the adventure however made it a little difficult to get a good assortment of pics in but will make do with what I have. We arrived and met at the Ranger station ready for a 7am departure. The sky was thick with clouds threatening some light showers which was a cool relief from the mugginess we already felt when setting off. I hadn't been to this section of the park for awhile so was good to see completed stages of redevelopment that has been going on for quite sometime. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has been funding the project and it was lovely to see the area around Jane Brook being restored, with new rock walls and picnic tables in the the picnic area, sympathetic landscaping, and with paths upgraded.

The downside of the visit was seeing the charred remains of recent burn offs. I know the park had a pretty bad fire go through some years ago so understand that it's a preventative measure but made the start of the walk a little somber. The positive was seeing Jane Brook still flowing, a good sign that National Park Falls would still be trickling and that it was. I would recommend anyone keen on giving this hike a go to do it in the cooler weather. I thought we may have been alright in early November however it was pretty unbearably humid, the flys were horrible especially for those without a fly net and the ants made it difficult to pause and wait for anyone. The landscape was drying out quite quickly too adding to the feeling of walking in higher temperatures. For wildflower lovers I would say to plan to go much earlier more towards end September. The upside of having a storm on the way was that we spent a great amount of time walking through the forrest with the rumbling on thunder in the background. That was heaven and just like little kids we got excited every time we heard the rumble, knowing full well that it was heading our way and would no doubt bring with it some rain. By that time the heat was getting to us so the rain would be a welcome relief and that it was. Phones and cameras were put away and we just enjoyed walking through nature under a freak storm.

Unfortunately it did not hang around for long enough and despite getting wet we had all dried off in no time once it had passed so heads down we just continued on making our way to the next lookout. I feel this lookout should have a name but it doesn't. It offers beautiful views of the city although on this day it was covered with cloud. We took this opportunity to have a lunch break. The final section of the walk is mostly downhill via wide fire trails, a little uninspiring which made those last few km's drag out a little especially as one of our ladies had hurt her ankle. Once again the view was a little tarnished by the burnoffs which had really thinned out the forrest and I was surprised I couldn't see Hovea Falls through it. We didn't detour out to the falls, feeling as though the little amount we saw at National Park Falls didn't quite make it worth it but if you do this walk earlier on in the hiking season I would detour for sure. Instead we continued on to the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail before ducking down to walk alongside Jane Brook back to the carpark.

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