Location: Kings Park Botanical Gardens

Distance: 900m loop trail

Grade: Easy

Trail Marker: A few directional markers

Duration: 30mins

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Dog Friendly: No

Date walked: 6th October 2018


Kings Park is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner city parks. School holidays had arrived, Sophie had a friend over and both girls were keen to get outdoors and explore some nature trails so we made our way in to the park looking for wildflowers. I had heard that the Bushland Nature Trail over in the Botanical Gardens was in full bloom with lots of Orchids to view which really excited the girls, and being a nice short trail it was the perfect addition to our day of adventure.

The trail starts at the Botanic Garden Carpark, a beautiful open mia mia structure marks the entry with a mosaic depicting the Menzies Banksia, Banksia menziesii. The statement draws upon the key architectural elements of the temporary shelters built by Nyoongar people. Mia mias were traditionally made from grasstree spikes and branches that were shaped into a beehive form. They provided shelter for those travelling between hunting grounds.

As you wander and explore the Bushland Nature Trail, you will see unique Western Australia trees including Tuart, Jarrah and Marri scattered throughout the bushland. Banksias, sheoaks and other small trees and tall shrubs make up a middle storey with a diversity of low, beautifully flowering plants forming the understorey. There are plants in flower all year round, the peak between July and October. We found a variety of Orchids including Donkeys, Cowslips and Pansy Orchids which we think are just a variety of the Donkey's.

A little side exploration can be taken to the DNA Tower. The 15m high staircase has 101 steps and was inspired by the famous double staircase in a Chateau in Blois, France. The paving and wall surrounding the DNA Tower was constructed using stones from 11 towns and 80 shires within Western Australia. The original design included a shallow reflecting pond at the base of the tower. It was replaced with Karratha stone paving in 2001 to enhance visitor safety. It's the highest viewing point in Kings Park with amazing views throughout the climb and on a clear day you may be able to see the ocean. The DNA Tower is located at the Forrest Drive end of the Broadwalk Vista.

We hope this blog inspires you all to start planning your adventures throughout Australia's biggest state, best known for its spectacular landscapes, breathtaking beaches, wildflowers, wildlife, rugged coastlines and ancient regions.

There is a trail waiting for you all. Get outdoors and experience extraordinary!