Location: Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

Distance: 6km return

Grade: 4

Trail Marker: Summit/carpark distance markers only

Duration: 3 - 5 hours

Cost: National Park Entry Fees Apply

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Date climbed: 20 April 2019

Dog Friendly: No


The Bluff Knoll walk starts at a large interpretive shelter and the path from there is very easy to follow. Take note that a national park pass entry fee is required to enter. The ticket booth is off the main road as soon as you enter so keep a look out for that as it is quite easily missed. If you visit national parks regularly though I'd recommend getting an annual pass. We've climbed Bluff Knoll before but were ecstatic when we heard that it would snow on Easter. This has been our daughter Sophies dream for years now. Snow on her favourite mountain and now that we lived only 50mins away it would become a reality. Up at dawn we began our ascent up the mountain at 4am. We knew that the snow would attract hundreds of people, and we also knew that we had to get their early whilst it was still cold.

It didn't take long for us to warm up, and even in the dark we started taking off the layers, walking by moonlight, with our torches as backup. 700m up and we finally found snow, albeit a small amount. People were already coming back down, they had gotten their for sunrise and whilst we almost didn't want to know if the snow got any better we had to ask, and was pleasantly surprised. That made the rest of climb up much easier.  It's amazing how the soreness in the legs can disappear with snow in sight. There wasn't a huge amount but white tips branches and rocky outcrops were a welcoming sight.

She even got to build a snowman. They saw the rewards are all the more sweeter the harder the climb and today was no exception. What a joy to experience a snowy Stirling Range. Definitely an experience we won't forget. Did I mention it was the earliest snow to fall in a year for 40 years. Incredible. Upon the return back to the carpark we could see it was very full, but we were blown away to find entrance to the road not only blocked off, but a queue a mile long. People were willing to wait hours just to see snow. Amazing.

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