Location: Hardinge Rd, Bickley

Distance: 3.2km loop

Grade: 3/4

Trail Marker: Pink Triangle

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Cost: $0, free entry

Toilet Facilities: Yes, at start/finish

Dog Friendly: No

Date Hiked: 17th June 2018


There is no signage to indicate the start of the trail but the City of Kalamunda have trip notes for the trail which told us that it was at the playground. Once we got our bearings we began the walk, making our way past the playground, along the path which goes by the right hand side of the Bickley Reservoir which was originally constructed in 1920 with the purpose of supplementing Perth’s water supply but is now used for recreational purposes. The path follows up to a white gate where you turn left and followed the fence line down to Bickley Brook, turning right and crossing the brook via the old wooden bridge. We were lucky to see Bickley Brook flowing beautifully and continuing on upstream we came across a beautiful granite outcrop providing a place to stop and soak up the views. A nice little cascade of waterfalls spilled over the granite outcrop forming a small pool at the bottom. If only that was around when the warmer weather hit, I imagine it would be a beautiful place to sit in, cool off and immerse yourself in nature.

Once we managed to drag ourselves away from this beautiful spot we continued upstream along a very narrow trail till we reached the wide 4wd road and began the first ascent up the badly eroded track to the turnoff which was very poorly marked. It's a slight ascent up a rocky section till you get the first glimpses of the valley and Bickley Reservoir below. A little further on is the granite outcrop marked by a beautiful Wandoo tree with sweeping views of the valley towards the city and coastal plain. Leaving the Wandoo lookout we had our first major descent down into the valley and around passing through varied terrain. It was nice to be walking on flat ground for awhile but knew it wouldn't be too long before our next ascent up to the summit. The summit is a nice open area with plenty of small rocks to park our butt on and rest after the climb. This was the first time I saw any decent trail markers too. The summit is a bit of a conjunction point for several other trails in the area.

Departing the summit we began our descent down to the worst part of the walk. This badly eroded section of trail was definitely the grade 4 component of the trail, one that I would much prefer to be going up although it probably wouldn't make too much of a difference. I would definitely not be doing this part in the wet, it was slippery enough as it was and we pretty much had to sidestep most of the way down to Bickley Brook where collection of well placed rocks was used to get across. I don't think it would rain enough to pose a problem for crossing at any stage of the year so you should be fine here. Once we crossed the stream it was a small ascent up to the main track and back along to the carpark.

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