Location: Two Peoples Bay, Start from visitors centre

Distance: 5km return

Grade: 3

Trail Marker: Some directional signage but easy to navigate anyway

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Cost: $13 National Park Pass required

Date Hiked: 29th July 2019

Kml Map File: Please click here.

I had been wanting to tick off the Baie des Duex Peuples Heritage Trail in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve from my list for ages but timing and weather didn't work out until this weekend just gone. With a few clouds but no rain forecast we made our way out to the start of the trail which apparently departs from the Two Peoples Bay Visitor Centre (which I am sure many don't know about) out to the popular Little Beach. 

Bais des Peuples Walk Trail Two Peoples Bay (7)

There is next to no information available online about this trail unfortunately. I happened to stumble across it via The Long Way's Better blog post awhile back, which is a shame because it was quite a nice trail, although a little poorly marked in some places.

Once we had parked in the carpark we made our way to the visitors centre which is not manned but provides some interesting information on the area including displays of artefacts, skeletons of flora and fauna etc which was quite interesting to explore so allow about 20mins in the centre before heading off.

The trail departs the visitors centre from the rear along a limestone trail passing by what appears to be the trail-head sign showing different trail sections and distances.

A t-junction gives walkers the opportunity to take a right hand turn and head straight up to Bay Lookout. or take the left hand turn down to the picnic area and along the beach which to us sounded a little more appealing so we took the left hand trail and made our way to the picnic area through a forest canopy coming out to a lush green picnic area with tables and bbq's. It was a little unclear at his point exactly which way to go as we knew we had to walk along the beach, but continued on straight through the picnic area, found another main trail sign and then turned left at the road to head down to the beach.

An improvement in signage here would be great as we spent 5 minutes trying to work out where to go. I could vaguely see an entry point on the other side of the beach and what appeared to be stairs so we decided to walk along the beach.....seaweed actually at about 2m deep the whole way along before we came to some large granite boulders.

and thankfully the re-entry point to the bush track because I was not keen on trudging through the deep seaweed again. A series of steep stairs took us to the top, with great views looking back over Two Peoples Bay.

Re joined up with the main track that indicated that Little Beach was now only 2km away. so made the left hand turn to head out. From this point walkers do have the choice to loop back around to the carpark.

The walk to Little Beach was the most enjoyable as we walked the coastal ridge of Two Peoples Bay with Mount Manypeaks in the distance, a real highlight of the walk.

The walk is a great vantage point for whale spotting and we got caught a couple of times thinking we were watching them only to realise the same kind of splash pattern was happening over and over and was instead a reef hahahaha

The trail then begins to walk through low heathland along a boardwalk structure, before coming out to a large granite area filled with beautiful rock pools that looked like would make a great area for exploration. The power of the waves crashing onto them, not so much so we continued on along another boardwalk through a narrow section with tall reeds,l the ideal location for the slithering kind to hang out and whilst is was overcast and cold, probably not the conditions you would expect to see snakes I was still cautious that would be there.

Views of the Mount Manypeaks overlooking the granite rock pools.

Bais des Peuples Walk Trail Two Peoples Bay (39)

The trail continues on over a few small bridges and then we started to get glimpses of the rugged coastline that hugs Little Beach.

Not a single human being in sight....we could not believe it. 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and we had Little Beach all to ourselves. Carefully making our way down the rocks we were eager to get on to the beach and make our way across to the lesser known Waterfall Beach, not really an official part of the trail but I love exploring this one every chance I can get, especially keen to see the waterfall after all the rain we have been having.

The south eastern point of Little Beach is where you find the steps/trail to Waterfall Beach and is only a short walk up, through and over the sandy mounds to this hidden treasure.

You can choose to take the trail straight there but we always like to loop around from the left and tackle a bit of rock hopping to get there. Plus its nice to take in the wider view coming in this way. The dunes are quite badly eroded and in some places you do need your hands free to tackle some areas. We did notice that Waterfall Beach had a couple sitting there taking in the view but the bay is plenty big enough for us all to enjoy. After a bit of scrambling we were on Waterfall Beach. As the couple were enjoying exploration of the small waterfall I decided to make my way over to the furthermost end and explore a few trails but they didn't lead me to any other secret bays, just provided a different perspective of Waterfall Beach itself high up on the eastern slops of the granite headland.

We then headed back to the namesake of the beach, the small fresh Waterfall that streams out of the sandy slopes out to the ocean.

It was then time to start heading back as it appeared the dark clouds were moving in a little quicker than expected so back up and over the inner trail to Little Beach, crossing back over to the rocks and then back on to the main trail.

Very keen to come back to these rocky pool sections in summer on a calm day and do some further exploring but for now we felt we were in a race against the rain so scurried along back to the first loop.

Back at the T-Junction, trail head of the loop we turned left to complete the upper section of trail. I was a little disappointed to find that Whalers Loop was just a very simple wooden bench and personally I don't feel it was a great lookout at all as the view was partially blocked by quite a few trees.

The lookout a little further up, Bay Lookout as seen in the pics below, to me represents a more fitting lookout, providing gorgeous views of the bay below.

The trail from Bay Lookout back to the start is straight forward, along limestone paths, crosses the main road and back to that very first T-Junction.

This time we made a left turn back to the Visitors Centre.

Hopefully this post inspires you to visit and if so, we would love to hear your thoughts on the trail. Please feel free to tag us in your adventures.


We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we walk, the traditional lands of the first nations people & wish to acknowledge them as traditional owners paying respects to their Elders, past & present, and Elders from other communities who may be here today.