Environmental Concern & Partnerships

Deforestation, loss of biodiversity and climate change are just a few of the serious environmental concerns facing the world today.

Despite the lack of major progress on these global issues, public awareness is growing, corporations are beginning to support environmentally responsible business practices, and many countries have made significant progress in some areas, such as in reducing air pollution. Change is possible, but we must all contribute in our own way.

As a tour operator we make a commitment to promote and contribute to organisations dedicated to addressing environmental issues. By helping to conserve biological diversity, protect threatened areas, and working to improve the quality of life of the people whose communities we visit, we help ensure the permanence of the people and places that are the focus of our experiences.

So how do we make a difference? What role do we play in helping the environment? We support the ethos which builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural and cultural heritage. We are dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor travel and recreation through education, research and partnerships. We are dedicated to promoting attitudinal change and the empowerment of individuals, companies and communities to accept responsibility for the conservation of their natural environment.

We follow the 7 Principles of "Leave no Trace":

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimise Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Your Hosts and Other Visitors
Leave No Trace

Partner Organisations

Down Under Discoveries is committed to promoting & contributing to organisations close to our heart.

The organisations we chose were chosen based on their dedication to educate & raise awareness of environmental issues as well as their dedication towards working to improve the quality of life of the people whose communities we visit and those who visit our country.

Check them out below.

First Hike Project

The First Hike Project aims to help refugees feel at home in Australia and to deepen their connection to their new country.

They take groups of young (and not so young) refugees on an unforgettable overnight hiking experience to savour the sounds, smells and wonders of  the great West Australian bush. This happen five times a year when the weather is mild so the enjoyment-factor is super high!

They aim to provide the best possible experience as they love the bush and want to share this passion and in the process provide people with the skills and know how to access this great resource on their doorstep.

Down Under Discoveries has come on board as an official sponsor of the First Hike Project, volunteering on our first in 2017 and continuing through to 2018 by providing a bus for transport as well as an experienced qualified guide to assist with the hike. We have also committed to funding 1 hike throughout the year to take the pressure of costings incurred by the team for each hike.

This really is a wonderful project. #welcomeisthissimple

Click here for more information on First Hike Project.

First Hike Project


Hike it Out

“I pledge to be environmentally focused when outdoors to minimise my impact.  I pledge to Hike it Out with my litter and any extra I can take, aiming to leave all natural sights better than I found them.”

Hike it Out is an environmental awareness campaign aimed specifically at building a hiking culture that holds everyone responsible for their own rubbish, and any they find along the way; it’s that simple.  Live by this, encourage your friends to travel and explore with a Hike it Out mentality and suddenly our world will start to look a little cleaner.  The environment is our responsibility, and so is our rubbish.  Together we WILL make a difference.

Down Under Discoveries has come on board as an official supporter of the Hike it Out campaign, taking the pledge to be more eco-friendly when outdoors, minimise waste and making time to get outdoors and remove a little litter as we hike our favourite trails.

This too is a great project to be a part of. #hikeitout

Click here for more information on Hike it Out.

Hike it Out


Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls

A Friends group engaged in stream & flora rehabilitation, heritage preservation & improving access to Mundy Regional Park above the Lesmurdie Falls.

Aims of the group

  • rehabilitate the flora of the degraded areas of the area east of Lesmurdie Falls and falling within the Mundy Regional Park and the Lesmurdie Falls National Park.
  • undertake structural rehabilitation of the Lesmurdie Brook from Lesmurdie Falls to the eastern boundary of the Lesmurdie Falls National Park.
  • improve the amenity of the area for visitors to the parks.
  • acknowledge and display the history, both indigenous and European, of the area.

Down Under Discoveries have adopted a plot within Mundy Regional Park as part of the Friends 'Adopt a Plot' scheme. The scheme has been proposed as part of the rehabilitation effort along Lesmurdie Brook. Those who adopt a plot would be expected to
- keeps weeds at bay
- plant species grown from our selected seed

We are really excited to have this little area, a main area around the weir, a popular hang out for families especially in Summer when people are wanting to cool off.

Click here for more information on the Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls.

Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls


Down Under Discoveries has two other organisations we hold close to our heart.

Our experiences are created with a vision of encouraging people to "get outdoors", using the benefits of nature as a natural healer. More & more doctors are writing “nature prescriptions” or recommending “eco therapy” to reduce anxiety, improve stress levels, and to curb depression. Eco therapy uses the experience itself to help individuals face and overcome emotional issues, addictions, behavioral problems, and many other challenges. It also helps participants develop important life skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. Science now shows us that spending time in nature regularly is an essential component of health and psychological resilience. Nature helps us withstand and recover from life’s challenges. Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, especially in brain function, in both the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition.

Humans crave a connection with nature but with a rapidly deteriorating environment, shortage of open spaces, fear of “stranger-danger” during outdoor playtime, and an emerging culture of technology-obsessed youth, our life is punctuated by nature deprivation and a disconnect with the world around us.

Our Eco Therapy programs have been designed to fully support, nurture and nourish our clients in a fun and safe environment. We created our She Seeks Adventure outdoors program ideal for women who need to escape from their anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, addiction, and other forms of mental health problems, women exposed to Domestic Violence, as well as those women whose overall mindset has taken a bit of a dive, but it is also equally as beneficial to women who wish to maintain a healthy mindset and good mental health.