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Operating since 2011, Down Under Discoveries is a well established Eco Certified Tour Company, certified to comply with Quality Assurance with Ecotourism Australia and Tourism Western Australia. Our commitment is to provide you with memorable nature based experiences, eco tours, kayaking, hikes & adventures throughout Western Australia, led by experienced, well trained Eco Certified guides and tour leaders.

Come Experience Extraordinary Down Under.

We love the outdoors and are deeply connected to country, to nature. We are passionate about the environment and the impact we have on it. As an Eco Accredited Tour Operator, we are committed to conducting our eco certified nature based tourism experiences in an environmentally sustainable manner. We aim to comply with the environmental protection standards and by the principals of sustainable tourism. You can read more via our Sustainability page.

The team from Down Under Discoveries are committed to providing you with extraordinary outdoor experiences, creating memories that you and your family will remember and treasure forever. Our aim is to create nature based Eco Tours for you all to experience natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

Immersing ones self in nature is excellent medicine for the madness of modern life. Our Nature Immersion experiences evoke connections, awareness and understanding of the benefits of establishing a reciprocal relationship with nature. The incorporation of Citizen Science into these experiences provides an opportunity to learn and contribute to real science projects in Western Australia.

There is overwhelming proof that being surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, breathing fresh air, and challenging ourselves through soft adventures boost our spirits and helps us gain a new appreciation for life. Our range of Adventures Down Under have been designed to fully support, nurture and nourish participants, in a fun and safe environment.

Our staff are experienced and qualified, committed to looking after you and giving you an excellent experience on every level. If you are after a more tailored type of day tour to meet your interests and needs, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Meet "Team Down Under"


Meet Chelle, founder and head guide of Down Under Discoveries, this WA Born and Bred nature based tour company that grew from a very spiritual experience in the Northern Territory, a place she had once called home. Chelle has had a rather special bond with nature for as long as she can remember, some would say it's a gift she was definitely born with, and although it took her quite a long time to realise she could earn a living using that gift the journey thus to now has always been aligned with this grand vision.

Down Under Discoveries is all about connection, connection to self, connection to country and connection to community. In Down Unders' early days our mission was simply to showcase just amazing our country was, and to create experiences that people would treasure forever. This mission come about through a deep spiritual experience with a young Jawoyn Tour Guide on a Nitmiluk Cultural Cruise through the Katherine Gorges. Having already developed a strong relationship and respect for the traditional owners of this land, Chelles' connection to country on this cruise was blessed on a whole other level as she completely immersed herself in this cultural experience, and Down Under was born.

Chelles' deep connection to country and her own personal transformation and healing have been the driving force behind Down Unders' growth over the years and in 2014 'wellness tourism' was introduced to the business model. Exposure to nature is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity human beings need to incorporate into their lives on a regular basis. Although human beings have been urbanizing, and then moving indoors, since the introduction of agriculture, social and technological changes in the past three decades have accelerated the human disconnect from the natural world. As a result, we are less connected to nature and feel less responsibility to protect this environment.

With her connection to nature as the driving force, Chelle creates Down Under experiences based on encouraging 'Nature Connectedness' in the hope of fostering environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation, as well as connection to self, to country and to others. Chelles' commitment to providing only the highest of quality experiences as seen her dive deep into her studies to increase knowledge, awareness and skillset. Her qualifications can be found below.

Diploma in Tourism, Cert IV Tourism Guiding, Eco Guide Certification, Forest Therapy Guide Certification, Dieback Green Card

Wilderness First Aid, Orienteering Coaching Level O, Flatwater Guide Kayak/Canoe, Offroad 4wd Training

Diploma in Shin-rin Yoku Forest Bathing, Certificate Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Timeline Therapist, Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Daves 286

Meet Dave, the integral part of the Down Under Discoveries management team.

Not often out on tour experiences due to living a FIFO lifestyle but when he does get involved he is usually seen carrying the biggest backpack often acting as our tail end charlie for hiking experiences, or offloading and loading kayaks for our paddling experiences. You may have even had him as your driver for your charter or transfer service but mostly he stays behind the scenes.

Whilst not quite as involved in nature connection as Chelle, Dave is still a big lover for the outdoors, his favourite adventures involving fishing, camping, 4x4 driving, boating and mountain bike riding. His most recent accomplishment was riding the Munda Biddi, a long distance riding trail from Mundaring in perth Hills to Albany. He fit this in between FIFO swings over the space of a few months, fundraising for the Dolly's Dream Foundation, an organisation close to his heart being a dad of a little girl himself.

Dave's committed to making a difference through the Down Under brand inspires him to continue working on his knowledge, awareness and skill set in an outdoors environment. His qualifications can be found below.

Provide First Aid,  Offroad 4wd Training, Cert Bushtucker Plants: Growing & Using


Meet Sophie, the youngest team member of Down Under Discoveries.

Sophie brings a breath of fresh air to the Down Under team, always embracing the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the finer details in nature, a timely reminder for us all to embrace our inner child and see the world through children's eyes. Sophie's connection to nature and in particular wildlife is to be expected given she has been exposed to the outdoors and part of the business since the tender age of 4. Now 13, Sophie's knowledge of flora, fauna, indigenous culture and local history far exceeds most children her age, a reward to anyone willing to hike along side her, with us often receiving reviews stating that her perception and connection to nature enabled them to open their eyes up to the world around them just that little bit more.

Sophie's favourite kind of adventures include climbing Bluff Knoll, Bluff Knoll and Bluff Knoll. Oh did we mention she likes to climb Bluff Knoll haha there is something about Bluff Knoll that sparks her interest. Her current challenge is to keep climbing mountains, currently she has completed 13 with a couple more in the pipeline.

Often referred to as a mini Bindi Irwin, Sophie's kindness, consideration and professionalism at such a young age is admirable and we sure are proud of the young woman she is becoming. Whilst she is too young to acquire certified skills, as mentioned above her overall knowledge of flora, fauna, indigenous culture and local history is pretty commendable and you can be sure to learn a thing or two.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to create nature based eco tours, kayaking, hikes and adventures for you all to experience natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate connections, build awareness and understanding for people about the natural places around them, driven by the belief that given the right opportunities, people who had previously seen the natural environment as irrelevant or peripheral to their lives, would discover the benefits of being outdoors, for themselves and for nature.

Our Values - S.E.R.V.E

Our customers come first and we strive to work to the highest operational standards in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.
We strive to deliver excellence to our travel partners and our mutual customers through the development of quality systems and continued focus on smarter ways of working.
We work together with our partners and suppliers with respect and integrity to develop and maintain long lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships.
Using our strengths, we strive to deliver value to our customers by offering quality, innovative and value for money products and services.
We strive to operate responsibly to minimise negative and enhance positive environmental, social and economic impact ensuring the long term sustainability of our business and of the resources, partnerships and business's on which we depend. Our products are Eco Certified with Eco Tourism Australia's certification program and our business has achieved Eco Certification with Tourism WA's accreditation program. We aim to comply with the environmental protection standards and by the principals of sustainable tourism.

Industry Affiliations

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